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Atala Freccia dOro by Phil Aynsley

Atala Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque
Manufactured Italy 1924-1934 & 1954-1987 [1]

Italian bicycle factory Atala began producing motorcycles in 1923 with sidevalve and OHV JAP and Blackburne engines of 174cc to 496cc, and mostly English ancillaries.

After the war they built many motorcycle components as well as a range of lightweights including mopeds and scooters of 49cc, 69cc, 98cc and 124cc using Minarelli engines and probably other brands. It is believed that scooter production ceased around 1987. The parent company was Rizzato, which bought the Atala company in the 1930s.

Atala Models include:

175cc 1926-1930
250cc 1926-1930
350cc 1927-1930

Atala Rizzato Models

48 111 48cc 1952-1960
Model 112 Competition, 1950s
48 2000 48cc 1956-1960
Freccia d'Oro 49cc Minarelli P-3 1953
50 112 P2 / 112-3 P2, 50cc 1958 Ciclomotore Trasporto, 2 & 3 speed versions. Solo saddle. Dual rear shock absorbers. Moped with large racks F & R.
50 112MV/112-3MV 50cc 1958 Ciclomotore, 2 & 3 speed versions. Solo saddle. Dual rear shock absorbers. Moped styling.
50 112M/3M 50cc 1958 Ciclomotore, 2 & 3 speed versions. Solo saddle. Dual rear shock absorbers.
50 112M/3M 50cc 1959-1960 Ciclomotore, 2 & 3 speed versions. Dual seat.
50 112M/3M 50cc 1959-1960 Scooter, 2 & 3 speed versions. As above, same model designation except for "scooter", but actually moped styling.
75 115A 75cc 1959-1960

1. Commencement of production is given by various sources as 1923, 24, 25 and 26.
2. Atala mopeds built in the late 1980s exist. These were built by Rizzato.

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larsn39 at
Would you please inform me about where I can by spareparts for a Atala Rizzato moped.
Lars Nelin
Uppsala Sweden

toniriccione1 at
ATALA anni 50/60?
Buona sera , non riesco a trovare che modello è questo ciclomotore ATALA ,Se potete aiutarmi a capire ,GRAZIE Antonio
Good evening, I can't find what model this ATALA moped is, If you can help me understand, THANK YOU Antonio
Riccione (Italia)

peter.tusztich at
Value team,
I have an ATALA type S1A with MORINI FRANCO MOTORI type FM-50L
49.4 cc, 3 kW
I would like to allow this with us in Austria for traffic and require technical data such as weight, dimensions, emission standard, etc.
Can I get this from you by mail?
best regards
Peter Tusztich
Eisenstadt, AT

Sorry, I don't have that information.

baciuioan70 at
atala master,rizato
buna seara ma intereseaza un arc pedala
Good evening I'm interested in a pedal arc
rominia (Romania)

July 2016
Peter Johnston
I have an Atala 112 race bike that raced at the Chilton enduro alongside the works itoms and Motoms with Bill ivy and the simmonds brothers. Unfortunately the engine has been stripped and I need a donor engine to be able to restore the bike any help would be welcome even an exploded diag of the engine or dare I say a manual, the bike originally came from Mars motorcycles in Erith Kent.
Reply via Facebook.

Sun May 15 2011
patdick<at>sky dot com
Instruction manual
Atala Rizzato 49cc
I need to get an instruction manual

Fri May 20 2011
stephen.tilzey<at>ntlworld dot com
Atala Califfone
I need a replacement carburettor for an Atala califfone moped 49cc. Thanks

Tue Mar 22 2011<at>hotmail dot com
certificate of conformity
I search for a duplicata of a certificate of conformity for my bike ATALA CALIFFONE where ?

Tue Sep 28 2010
ATALA ?????
I have salvaged an Atala trike that has a flat back type body, could you tell me if Atala ever made a trike??

Mon Apr 26 2010
andyt16<at>live dot com
Atala Carosello
Hi i need a drive belt for my Atala Carosello 50cc moped its the 1998 year. I also need the screw/bolt/plug for the back of the chasis for the fluids its the small one at the back as the fluids are spraying out it when its driving along so its losing power.
i need these parts asap.
how much will it be to get them delivered to me in larkhall, scotland, united kingdom.

also how much for a exhaust for this moped as well (either new or used)?

please let me know asap.
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Fri Jul 17 2009
lauwersdavid at yahoo dot com
Atala / Gitane
I'm looking for some bodyparts.. Where can I order them?
Kind regards

Mon Jun 08 2009
sammie.hunt at sky dot com
Atala Carosello T-reg, Kick start failure.
Atala Carosello
Hiya, I have a T-reg Atala Carosello. I am looking for advice on where to get parts and what engine is fitted ? The kick start is not catching and the electric start has also now stoped working. So now it is very hard to start. Where can i get parts and what would i need. Is it an easy job?  Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Sammie
Plymouth UK

Mon Apr 13 2009
ravenedge at
info and manual
Atala Califfone
Hi there, got this 1999 moped, very basic, need to know correct 2-stroke fuel mix and a wiring diagram, as my back light is ouy, replacing bulb has no effect! cannot find info on this bike anywhere, any help is appreciated.
Portsmouth, UK

Thu Feb 19 2009
rlroberts7 at yahoo dot com
Atala 1990'S
I recently had my racing bike re-painted and the Atala logo had to be removed. There were two the logo and some logo with three or four white stripes. Would it be possible to purchase this logo to put back on the refinished bike.
Rick Roberts
510 Main St., Paintsville, KENTUCKY 41240

Try the decals directory:

Tue Aug 28 2007
Luis-jones100 at
Atala Green
hello, i have bought an atala green moped and i have no log book with it or anything and i aim trying to register it in England but i need some sort of papers like the spec of the bike and stuff like that is it possible for u to send me some information on my motercycle? i cannt get it on the road otherwise thank you hope to here from you soon
Doncaster, England

Sun May 20 2007
bestmann at
Atala Rizzato Franco Morini FM25L
build 2000 S2D-25
i need a exhaust for my scooter, its build in Year 2000 , but i cant find it at ebay or other internet-sites.I need it because the old exhauster(DGM 52108-s) is very bad and all i can find only for other scooter. But what says the police, if i put a wrong exhauster without papers or wrong Number on my scooter? Thanks for answers

Thu Apr 12 2007
makram-tel at
Motorcycle ATALA (spare piece )
I have a motorcycle «PIAGEO ATALA (MOTORI RIZZATO), and I look for its spare piece (to see enclosed picture), thank you to help me to find the supplier of this spare piece.
Thank you beforehand
Is that a gear lever return spring? Ed.

Fri Dec 01 2006
vavacob at hotmail dot com
atala master
pourriez vous me communiquer une adresse ou je peux obtenir des pieces moteurs (BOBINE ALLUMAGE) pour mon atala équipé d'un moteur rizzatto

Translation: could you communicate an address to me or I can obtain parts engines (REEL LIGHTING) for my atala been driven by an engine rizzatto
[Lighting coil, maybe?]

Fri Nov 03 2006
samskaterboy at hotmail dot com
Atala Califone
mijn naam is Sam en ik woon in belgië.
Ik heb een probleem met mijn achterbrug.
Op die achterbrug zijn 2 moeren bevestigd met een speciale draad.
Nu is mijn vraag waar ik zo een moer kan verkrijgen of bestellen want in speciaalzaken hebben ze de moeren niet.
Bedankt voor uw hulp.

Translation: hello, my name is Sam and I live in Belgium. I have a problem with my achterbrug. On those achterbrug 2 wreck has been confirmed with a special wire. Now my question is where I can a moer or order obtain this way because in speciaalzaken do not have them wreck. Thanks for your aid.

Sun Feb 26 2006
stellabenford at aol dot com
atala moped (1962)
I have an atala which my grandad left to me, but we cannot find any information about it at all.we`ve been looking for the last four years.It has 3 gears & 24 inch wheels.I have the documents,it was bought and registered in 1962 in Kettering, northants, England.Any help would be "much" appriciated

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