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Company founded in 1920 in Padova Italy by C. Rizzato & C. S.P.A.
Motorcycle manufacture began in 1979, having purchased Atala in 1938. Manufacture continued until at least 1998.

Rizzato Models include Rizzato Atala Master 3LF 50cc and Rizzato Atala 3LD 50 model.

1978/79 models offered in by SMM of Aix-en-Provence:
Rizzato Daytona, 50cc Minarelli sports moped, dual seat, clipons.
Rizzato Satan, 50cc Minarelli, trail style with lights and pedals, dual seat, high handlebars.
Rizzato 3Zum Minarelli 49.9cc 2 speed, moped styling with plastic sheath enclosing engine.
Rizzato Califfo de luxe, Rizzato type 119 engine 49.9cc, single speed or three speed.
Rizzato Ringo, Rizzato type 118 engine 49.9cc, three speed.

Many models use Minarelli engines, and they also built their own. Rizzato engines include types 118, 119 and 122

In the United States, the Rizzato Califfo was marketed by Promark-Moped of Norwalk, Ohio.

Sources: Henshaw, et al.

Lennart.block at freenet.de
Buffalo Rizzato M25 1995
i just startet to restore a Rizzato Buffalo. I really need the manual to fix it, because its actually totally broken. Is there a possibility to get the manuals as pdf?
Greeting from Germany
fredde_s74 at hotmail.com
Rizzato Califfone
Hi My name is Fredrik Sundström
I traying to find weelberings and other spareparts.
Do you know where I can find sparparts and drawings?
Gothenburg, Sweden

Wheel bearings will have numbers on them which any bearing service can identify and match. Sorry, no information at present on parts books.

mcelliott1957 at att.net
Califfo Atala
How may I find the year of manufacturing for this moped? Is there a decifer manual to allow me to look at the numbers on the front forks to let me know more about it? Is there a copy of an owners manual or service manual that I can download? Thank you
michael Elliott
seniltev at yahoo.co.uk
Rizzato Califfo Gio 1970-75
I am restoring the above moped. However I have no paperwork for the bike. The frame number is 9676. The engine number (original stamped on frame ) was DGM 15471 OM. The engine current is a Motori DGM 18162 OM. It has a single speed and kick start.
I need a date certificate in order to register the bike in the UK. Is there any help you can give me in this pursuit ?
Steve Quinton
Rayleigh, UK

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Mon, 09 Apr 2018
jennyvoegel at twc.com
Califfo de luxe 1978

We have acquired a scooter/moped. On the tank it says Califfo de luxe. The vehicle id number is 1919. It say manufactured by Cesare Rizzato &C. S.P.A. We are just trying to find out info on this for a resale value. This one is blue. Thanks so much.
Poseyville USA

Wed Nov 09 2016
madsondiaz at gmail.com
Dias Califfone Piu 1995
Gostaria de saber onde posso encontrar pe as de reposi o para o motor da minha Califfone piu 1995
Abaetetuba - Par - Brasil

Dias Califfone Piu 1995
I would like to know where I can find spare parts for the engine of my Califfone piu 1995
Abaetetuba - Pará - Brazil

Tue May 10 2016

richardmerrony at hotmail.co.uk
Date of manufacture/first registration

Rizzato Califfone Piu 4m

I have a Rizzato Califfone Piu 4m that has the Minarelli 50cc engine with 4 speed box (P4) that I will need to register in the UK. To do this I really need the date of manufacture or first registration. The closest I have got so far is a DGM 50489 OM homologation reference (copy attached) for 1985, but I think this is for the slightly later Maestro (Master) model. The document refers to an earlier document date of 1981 and I would like to get hold of this earlier document but the FMI (Federation of Italian Motorcycles) don't seem to want to help anymore. My frame number is CLL 53246 and this predates the frame reference of CLL 57001 on the document. Do you have any Italian contacts that might be able to help.
Ashford Kent

Tue Dec 09 2014
fl at mobiliz3d.com
need original decals
Rizzato califfo de luxe . 1974
rebuilding old mopeds rizzato, need contact to get original decals and other parts,,any company adress?
Quebec ,Canada

Mon Feb 04 2013
Certificat de conformité
Pierre Rizzato Callifone DGM 50373 OM
Recherche certificat de conformité Rizzato callifone DGM50373 OM pour demande d'immatriculation en France - Merci d'avance

Fri Sep 28 2012
C. Rizzato & Co. DGM6859.OM
Looking for a piston for a bike I recently got.
Moncton NB, Canada

Wed Oct 20 2010
benvenutolino AT yahoo.it
Informazioni per restauro
califfo cr califfo
sono benvenuto lino, oho un vecchio cr .a il serbetoio sotto sella,per capire il modello,e a pedali.non riesco a trovare pezzi motore, e telaio,voi per cortesia potreste aiutarmi? O con una scheda tecnica .vi ringrazio per l?l'attenzione distinti saluti
pasiano di pn ytali

Rough translation:
Renovation information
Caliph Caliph cr
are welcome Linen, oho an old cr .a serbetoio under the saddle, in order to understand the model, and pedali.non can not find engine parts and chassis, you please could you help me? O with a vi data sheet thank for? Attention Yours faithfully
Pasiano pn ytali

Fri Sep 24 2010

Plato de Bobinas de arranque 1991
Hola, quiero saber que peudo hacer para comprar el plato de bobina de arranque de una rizzato califfone.donde puedo contactar o que direccion electronica.
Costa Rica

Wed May 27 2009
mdubois2002 at hotmail dot com
moped value?
IGM 4671 OM, Padova, Italia C. Rizzato
This moped was made in Padova, Italia, early 70's. Looking for the value.
Ottawa, Canada

  • The first Rizzato mopeds were produced in 1977 when they took over Atala and sold Rizzato-Atala machines. Can find no record of a Rizzato which looks like this one. The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Tue Apr 28 2009
echegon1051 at gmaildot com
Rizzato Buffalo 49 cc
Spare Parts and Tecnical Manual Rizzato Buffalo
I have a rizzato buffalo 49 cc.We are restoring the bike and I am looking for parts, and the owners manual.
I lived in Cuba.

Sun Apr 26 2009
jordanmacfarlane at hotmaildot com
general info
rizzota califo deluxe
Looking for any and all info an this moped. It is running and seems to work well but would like to go over it and make sure it is set u properly. any info woud be appreciated.
Saint John, NB, Canada

Sun Nov 09 2008
wb9prg at yahoodot com
I have a 1978 rizzato califfo deluxe.
We are restoring the bike, and have it almost complete.
I am looking for parts, and the owners manual.
I lived in italy from 1977 to 1979, and I enjoyed the country.
Any information would be appreciated.

Wed Oct 01 2008
rayscycle1 at aoldot com
Motori C. Crizzato (Padova) Deluxe Califfo
Looking for parts for this model.

Fri Dec 07 2007
adar28 at netlink.net
78 rizatto califo de luxe moped
i ned a piston and rings for my 78 califo de luxe moped
portsmouth, ohio

Mon Sep 03 2007
annalisapavone at hotmail.it
Califfo rizzato

We have a caliph made bristle for which we have lost documents. The number of chassis e' ca 144867 gh.6859.om. E' possible to know the registration year? Historical e' gia' motion? Cordial salutes
gioia del colle (bari) italia

Sun Aug 26 2007
jorgelgr57 at yahoo.ca
Technical information
Rizzato Califfone - 1991
I got a Rizzato Califfone motorcycle, made on 1991. I need some manual, book, part number list, documentation in general about the mechanics of this motorcycle especially about the engine. Thank you.

Por favor, necesito alguna documentación técnica o lista del número de partes del ciclomotor Rizzato Califfone, fabricado en 1991.
Havana, Cuba

Thu Aug 09 2007
curtis6640 at bellsouth.net
Need parts contact
Califfo Deluxe CA114500 ,DGM68590M
I need parts contact or would sell this. Can you help

Tue Aug 07 2007
spohnselec at alphacomm.net
my little italian stalion
1978 rizzato califfo de luxe
I recently had this mopad given to my 10 yr. old son and he says it is too fast but I love it. I am looking for a front fender. can someone help me?

Wed Jul 18 2007
the-great-randyni at hotmaildot com
Califfo de lux
I am in need of a throttle handle and throttle cable. Can anyone help me out??
Wisconsin, USA

Wed Jun 20 2007
jacques-laplante at hotmail.com [bounced]
califfo for $200
1978 cesre rizzato califfo
runs good.good condition.new seat but there is a little gas leck from carb.but still drive able. new tires sept the front one got poped but the back is good and no chain gaurd. the front brakes work and the bake brakes are disconected. for 200$ phone number is...

Fri Jun 08 2007
wilglo at clearwire.net
moped for sale
1978 califfo deluxe
runs fine, needs little wiring, etc.
ps. can't figure out how to send picture
califfo deluxe #0668 mfd 2-78
for sale runs fine needs tinkering speed cable missing $400.00 b/o

Thu Jan 11 2007
RLACKER2 at AOLdot com
rizzato califfo deluxe 1978
the quest goes on for a piston and rings for the 119 model engine. Anyone??? Would it be possible to attach a more common engine like a "minerelli" to this frame?

Tue Oct 31 2006
Curtis6640 at bellsouth.net
Rizzato Califfo Parts
Callifo Deluxe
I need to know how to find parts for this bike. Can anyone help me? Thanks Wanda
Aheville NC

Tue Oct 24 2006
robertagnin at tiscalinet.it
about califfo de luxe
califfo de luxe 1975
i'm Bertagnin roberto from padua i run with califfo deluxe since 1980
I'm very amazing to find thi moped in a foreign contries.
I have tecnical dates and draw of engine 119 and i got a some spare parts
padova italy

Mon Oct 02 2006
adumas1230 at cfl.rrdot com
Califfo De Luxe
I have two of these and they ran great when I got them, but I haven't ridden them in 4 years. I don't know how old they are but they are all original. How would I find out how old they are and what they are worth? Thanks, Amy

Wed Sep 27 2006
jaesont at yahoodot com
Rizzato moped
Callifo, Rizzato deluxe
I looking for a cylinoid for my 79 Rizzato moped.

608.213.416 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sat Aug 19 2006
e.j.lofvers at hotmaildot com
Rizzato Mini Califfo
I'm looking for spare parts for my Rizzato. Can somebody help me?
Zwolle, the Netherlands

Wed Jul 26 2006
orysialee at alltel.net
Rizzato or Atala
Where can I find information on either of these models? I'm not even sure what I've got. Please help. Thank you. Orysia

Fri Jul 14 2006
menal at globetrotter.net [bounced]
cr motori crissato padova
hi, i just to buy a mopeds , but i dont know the year is oldest. this mopeds is blue and on the seat is write IRIS, on the motor is write CR MOTORI RIZZATO PADOVA, i not have a more information, is you know this modele, if yes it you possible send me information of year of thismopeds, thank, martin audet, québec, canada

Sat Jul 08 2006
spencerg67 at yahoodot com
1978 rizzato califfo delux
hi, i would like to know if you have any parts for this moped ie brake shoes piston and ring's, carb kit's etc. thank you for your time. mr garl
ohio, usa

Try the Mopeds section of Bikelinks. Ed.

Sat Apr 08 2006
goerge at fps.k12.mi.us
throttle cable
Rizzato Califfo
I have a 1979 califfo moped, engine type 119 and need a throttle cable. Do you know where I can get these parts?

Tue Mar 14 2006
javiersellari at hotmaildot com
califo deluxe
hola me llamo javier sellari y un amigo mio compro una motocicleta califo deluxe no sabemos nada de ella pero le hicimos el motor a nuevo y anda excelente la queremos vender y no sabemos cuanto pedir viendo fotografias creemos que es una 1980 49 cc en el motor se lee califo rizzatto y un CR que no sabemos que significa cualquier informacion que me puedan suministrar prfavor comunicarse conmigo al mail javiersellari at hotmaildot com
ah tambien tengo un motor conmpleto de este año con las tapas y todos los engranajes
argentina buenos aires

Translation: wave I call me javier sellari and a friend mio I buy a motorcycle califo deluxe we do not know anything of her but we did the motor to new and walks excellent we want to sell it and we do not know as much as to ask seeing you photograph we believe that is a 1980 49 cc in the motor reads themselves califo rizzatto and a CR that do not know that signifies any informacion that can supply me prfavor to be communicated with me al mail javiersellari at hotmail.com oh tambien I have a motor one conmpleto of this year with the covers and all the gears

Wed Mar 08 2006
welshcharlee at wmconnectdot com
cesare rizzato 1977 49cc motor
where can i find parts for this motor thx

Fri Jul 15 2005
josemariavazquez at hotmaildot com
Rizzato Califfone
I get a totally new Rizzato Califfone some days ago and try to get information about it.
It seem to be a very good brand, manufacturing fom 1956 to 1999. Them they stoped with motorcycles and follow with bikes only. The brand was ATALA and they are at www.atalait, but do not supply any information about motorcycles.
It seems that somebody try to assembly in brasil and you can get some califfone here.
Most of them are not working because of absolute lack of technical info or spares.
It seems that situation is the same all over the word.
If some body can get manuals or parts information , will be very good.

I am sending you a Califfone photo to include if possible.

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:18:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Abel Esquivel <abelitin at yahoodot com>

estas son las fotos del motor del que necesito la informacion, algun manual técnico o cualquier otra cosa.
el motor esta montado en una motorcicleta modelo "babeta"de procedencia checa.


Thu Apr 14 2005
abelitin at yahoodot com
manual de rizzato buffalo 1998
necesito un manual de usurio de este modelo ya que, tengo un motor y no tengo ninguna documentación sobre sus características, mantenimiento, accesorios
etc. por favor cualquier documentación que tengan me será de gran utilidad

Translation: I need a manual of usurio of this model since, I have a motor and I do not have any documentaci?sobre its caracter?icas, maintenance, accessories etc. please nobody documentaci?que have me ser?e great utility

Sat Apr 09 2005
lam6 at cornell.edu
califfo deluxe moped manual
Greetings, I am the proud inheriter of a circa 1975+/- Califfo Rizzalto deluxe moped that I would love to get up and running. Can't find manual! Help would be great. Thanks, Linda

Wed April 6th 2005
An Italian band is named Califfo De Luxe califfodeluxe.it (404)

Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005
subject: Rizzato Califfo Deluxe Moped
Email: seashelter at dccnetdot com
message: We have the above, only other information shown is Engine 49 cc, Tires 2-1/4-16 T60--thought it was manufactured in late 1960's but unsure of that and its possible worth to a collector--all original parts intact and runs well.
Could you please let us know where further identification re serial number, etc. may be found on the moped.
Thanks so much,
Patricia & Doug.

..looks very much the 1978 Califfo pictured on your web site--it is turquoise in colour.

There will certainly be a number stamped on the engine somewhere, perhaps at the front below the barrel, or underneath the carburettor area. Also look below each of the engine covers.

The frame number may be on the steering head, or on the front downtube near the fuel tank. Ed. Hi again: Number on frame is 2076---5B is on engine cover, Dellorto SHA14-12 on carburetor.
Thanks for your continuing help,

March 16, 2002
I'm looking for spareparts for an Motori Rizzato type Buffalo from 1998, where can I buy them? -- Greetings Marcel Crijnen. -- m.crijnen at hccnet.nl

March 13, 2002
Hello, I have an Rizzato type Buffalo from 1998. I need spare parts but I have no address toe get them. I'm looking for an Rizatto dealer in Germany or Belgium. I live in the most southern part of The Netherlands in Sittard near the German and Belgium border.
Greetings Marcel Crijnen.

December 10, 2001
My nephew just purchased a 1981 Rizzato Califo 80 moped in really good condition. However I would like to get some technical information so I can service it when it needs it. I need the spark plug gap, point gap (if it has them and where they are located), what kind of oil to use for the fuel, what other types of oil is used in the engine and where can I find parts for this if needed. Would appreciate any help. -- Thanks, Lee -- Opel72gt at aoldot com

November 4, 2001
I bought a Rizzato Califfo moped at a yard sale last summer. It is a 1978 with engine type 119. It runs great-- starts every time. Everything seems to be original on it. I bought it from a lady who I believe bought it new in Indiana (I'm in NY). I do have the operating owner's manual. If anyone needs any information from the manual, I'd be glad to answer questions at this email: browneyes88-9 at yahoodot com .
Thanks, -- Laura

July 28, 2001
I just picked up a C RIZZATO moped with the name IRIS on the back of the seat, the bike is in ruff condition with the muffler, engine covers missing. The motor turns over. It should make a good parts bike , if you are interested please e-mail me . -- przybilla at gate-way.net -- Roy

June 14, 2001
Here are some pics for your web page. I purchased the pair two weeks ago, from an ad in local paper. These two Califfo deluxes by Cesare Rizzato were made in May of 1980 and are all original except for the seats (motobecane). If anyone knows where I can get used parts for bikes like these please e-mail me. They are great mopeds. I had never heard of them before I bought these, but they have impressed me. I don't know how many of this model were made but both of these have serial numbers below 2500. More literature should be available on these mopeds. If you know where I can get some let me know. Thanx, Jason -- Jason W Vaughn -- jwv123lmnop at junodot com

May 2, 2001

November 4, 2000
I have a moped and have no details about it. It is a c. Rizzato with Zum 3 on the very small petrol tank. It has plastic side covers, leather seat. red frame. I have no idea what cc it is and what I have been told there are only a few in Australia. Thank you for any help you can give me -- Cindy Ashton -- Cindy Ashton -- tygra at iprimus.com.au

September 5, 2000
A friend bought a Rizzato Califfo moped. I am trying to find a place to buy parts for this bike in USA. Any ideas, please help. -- David W. Crowl -- crowldw at ctec.net

July 31, 2000
Hi !
I find your page about Rizzato cycles... I think, that I have this same machine. I also looking for any information about this machine, but none found. My bike - also named Califfo ( on fuel tank is logo GIO ), only here not speedometer (but here is place on head for this). My bike is very good, speedy and handy. I don't know, how this bike come to my country (Czech republic), I think, that is alone here...
P.S. Sorry for my simply and very bad English, please...
Tom -- hicos at pes.cz

Tom: Your English is very good... Heck, I don't speak any Czech... Do you have a photo that you can share? -- Sheldon

Hi, my name is Michel and I live the City of Toronto, Canada. I purchased an Italian Moped in 1999 in a garage sale. It's a Califfo de Luxe manufactured by C. Rizzato in the City of Padova, Italy. Here is some specification about this bike:

Year: 1968 (maybe!?)
Ceasar Rizzato (it may be a Minarelli but witch one ??)
49.9 CC, 2 stroke, ??? hp
Clutch in oil bath, single speed, chain drive
front Sprocket - 14 teeth
rear Sprocket - 22 teeth

Exhaust System:
Fabrica Silenziatori
CBA I.G.M. 0445-S

Model: Dell'Orto SHA - 14 12
Main Jet size: 52

Ignition system
Spark plug: NGK BR6HS or B6HS
Gap: .028
Flywheel Magneto: DANSI-VARESE MSL-135 (or Robert Bosch Model KB6-B212)
Ignition/Starting Coil (all in one): 46mm bolt spacing
2 pieces point set
Points gap at T.D.C.: .254mm
Ignition Advance before TDC: ...............????
Condensor: CEV / Ducati 0,17µf with side screw

Sealed beam, Horn & Speedometer
Head Light: 15 watt Bulb - Single prong
Low head light: 15 watt Bulb - Fuse type
Rear light: 5W Bulb - Fuse type

Horn - 6V AC
Model: VETTA Milano
Type: IGM 3220 - KMA
Model: Veglia Borletti
Diametre: 48mm
Model: Veglia #2

Most of the technical info you see posted here was gather by me and obtain by trial & error. If you have any technical info (from the original manual) please e-mail me at mst at istar.ca . I thank you in advance for your help. Michel
You can also have a look at my bike right here:
http://daugava.simplenet.com/moped/devil.jpg [404]

If you have a query about Rizzato please contact us