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ABJ Autocycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in England between 1949 and 1954 by A, B. Jackson Cycles Ltd of 300 Ickneild Port Rd, Birmingham. The firm built 98cc Villiers- powered autocycles and motorcycles, and in 1952 added a cyclemotor to the range.

The 1952 models had a Villiers Mark 1F in the motorcycles, and the Mark 2F single gear engine in the autocycle.

Sources: Motor Cycling; Henshaw

A.B.J. (1952)

TWO models comprise the A.B.J. range.

One is an autocycle and the other a lightweight motor cycle. Both are fitted with 98 c.c. Villiers engines. The motor cycle has the Mark IF unit which incorporates a two-speed gear box, and the autocycle is powered by the single-gear Mark 2F engine. Frames on both machines are of the full-loop type with brazed, malleable lugs at the joints for maximum strength. A telescopic fork and valanced front mudguard are employed on each model. Saddles are adjustable for height through a range of 3in. The weight of both models is in the region of 1301b. Finish in each case is black, with gold tank lines and transfers.

Prices. 98 c.c. autocycle £52 10s (£67 1s 8d); 98 c.c. motor cycle £60 (£76 13s 4d).

Manufacturers. A. B. Jackson Cycles, Ltd., 300, Icknield Port Road, Birmingham, 16.

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