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ABJ Lightweight Motorcycles

ABJ of Pope Street, Birmingham
  • The company had built the Raynal autocycle before World War II and then built their own from 1949 to 1953.
  • 1949 The firm located its works in Pope Street, Birmingham. The new name of ABJ came from the chairman A. B. Jackson.
  • 1950 Two machines were offered, both of which had a 98cc Villiers engine. One was the single-speed Autocycle, the other was the two-speed motorcycle. Common cycle parts were shared - such as the rigid loop frame, the simple telescopic forks and the single saddle on a pillar tube. The motorcycle had a toolbox attached to the left side. Both the motorcycle and the autocycle had a rear stand. The models were the 1F, 2F and the 49cc Auto Minor.

    1952 Both models were still listed and were joined by the Auto Motor cyclemotor, with a 50cc two-stroke engine mounted over the front wheel. The rest of it was a bicycle.

    1953 That model alone ran on for the year. Production then stopped.

Source: Graces Guide

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