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Aurora Motorcycles (Coventry)

Aurora of Coventry were motorcycles produced from 1902 to 1907.

1902 They made their own 2½ hp engine which they fitted vertically in a loop frame.
  • 1904 The first model was joined by one with a forecar, fitted with a 3½ hp engine - both of which were still made by the company.
  • 1907 After that year, no further models were listed.

A circa 1904 250cc model exists which is in the Shuttleworth Collection.

W. H. Halliwell.

This firm is exhibiting the Aurora motor bicycle, which is entirely Coventry made. The engines used are either 2½ h.p. or 3½ h.p. Customers are entitled to select the carburetter or tyres they prefer. A wipe contact and trembler coil is fitted. The belt is again left to the customers' choice, but the firm recommends the flat belt. (Stand 306, Gallery.)

The Motor Cycle, November 25th 1903
Stanley Show 1903

Source: Graces Guide

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