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Banshee Manufacturing Co

Banshee Manufacturing Company of Crown Close Works, Bromsgrove

  • Banshee were motorcycles produced from 1921 to 1924 by George Bell, who later worked for Triumph.
  • 1921 The company started to produce a 269cc Villiers two-stroke with standard cycle parts and either a single or two-speed Albion gearbox - both with belt final-drive.
  • 1922 Those two models continued and were joined by a three-speed model for sidecar work and the Barr and Stroud 349cc sleeve-valve engined four-stroke model.
  • 1924 The company expanded to include a very wide range of models with Villiers and Barr and Stroud engines. The efforts involved over-taxed the company's abilities and they soon retired from the motorcycle trade.

The factory was demolished in 1974, but a door of the factory is displayed at the Bromsgrove Museum. A restored example of the Banshee is part of the Sammy Miller collection.

Source: Graces Guide

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