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Baron Motorcycles

Baron of Birmingham produced motorcycles in 1921.

  • 1921 It offered conventional, lightweight machines fitted with either 269cc Villiers or 292cc Union two-stroke engines. There was also a medium-weight model with a 348cc sv Blackburne engine. Two-speed Albion gearing was used, with or without clutch and kick-starter on all models, or single speed only on the lightweights. Bought-in fittings included Senspray carburettors and Saxon forks.

Baron Two and Four-stroke Lightweights.

BLACKBURNE and Villiers-engined lightweights are the two main models made by the Baron Cycle Co., 42-44, Summer Row, Birmingham; these are again sub-divided according to gear box arrangements. The 2¾ h.p. machine may be obtained with an Albion gear box either with or without clutch and kick-starter; in the same way the two-stroke may be fitted with an Albion box or single-geared. Prices range from £52 to £84, and weights from 150 lb. to 205 lb. We should imagine that the latter figure could be brought down five pounds without the makers' assistance. Excellent finish characterises all four models, and the larger machine in particular possesses a very sporting and neat appearance.

The Motor Cycle, April 11th, 1921. Page 430

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