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Broler Motors

Spartan 350cc 1920

Ample power for solo or light sidecar work is provided by the 350 c.c. Broler engine fitted to the Spartan.

Broler was a motorcycle produced from 1920 to 1922.

The company of Brooks, Tasler and Cox was based in Narborough, Leicestershire. Their slogan was: 'You will never tire a Broler'.

At the beginning of the 1920s they promoted a 349cc two-stroke engine, which formed the basis of their short-lived motorcycle. The engine was a three-port type but, for ease of running, it featured ball-and-roller bearings throughout.

Broler motorcycles were also marketed as the Spartan and the Welland B.

The firm changed its name to Broler Motors and sold the engine to other companies that assembled machines, including Campion, MPH, TEJ and Vasco. This kept them afloat for a while, until business dried up.

THE Broler 3½ h.p. 2-stroke stands supreme for workmanship and efficiency. Unequalled at the price of £10/15, which includes cast aluminium silencer, magneto chain case, chain, and sprockets. FRAME to suit, built of Brampton fittings and 12 and 14 gauge tubing; price complete with stand and tubular carrier. £4/17/6; order early for quick delivery. - Broler Motors, Narborough, Leics.

The Motor Cycle, mid-1922

BROLER 3½ h.p. 2-stroke engine that can lap Brooklands track at 51 m.p.h. after 7.000 miles on the road. Important Reduction in Prices. In order to bring our production within the reach of a greater proportion of the public we are for one mouth only offering this engine at £9. Thisprice includes patent release valve, exhaust pipe and cast a aluminium silencer, magneto platform (one-nut chain adjustment), magneto chain and sprockets, cast aluminium chain case (grease tight). Lodge T.S.3 plug, 7/8in. or 3/4in. belt pulley - sprocket 4/- extra. These engines are fitted Skefko ball bearings to main shaft, Hoffmann rollers to big end. These engines are not a job line, but are a standard engineering production, all parts being interchangeable. Write for illustrated catalogud and be convinced. - Broler Motors, Ltd., Narborough, Leics.

The Motor Cycle, December 1922

N.B. A post from a Narborough resident suggests that the works may have actually been in the neighboring village of Littlethorpe. This has been confirmed - see below.

Sources: Graces Guide, Nick Smith.

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Proof of factory location
Dave Thompson
United Kingdom

Letterhead for Broler Motors Ltd gives the address as "Littlethorpe, Narborough, Near Leicester."
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