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Elfson by Wilson and Elford

Elfson were motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1925 by Wilson and Elford of Aston, Birmingham.

  • 1923 They built a lightweight, typical of the period. It had a 170cc / 293cc Norman two-stroke engine, Amac carburettor, Fellows magneto and Maplestone front forks. It had a three-speed Albion gearbox and a choice of belt or chain final-drive. For the more cost conscious, there was also a cheaper version with single speed and belt drive.
  • 1924 A Burman gearbox replaced the Albion. A two-speed option was added and a complete sidecar outfit could be ordered. The maker's own 3hp engine was fitted.
  • 1925 The pattern was repeated for that year and the marque then dropped from the listings.

Source: Graces Guide

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