Today in Motorcycle History

William Hale

Haleson was a motorcycle produced in 1903 by William Hale of Hanham, Bristol.

With the help of an engineer, a special machine was constructed that was completely different, as it was steam-powered.

Hale had been experimenting with small steam engines in the late 18th century. The drawings for his motorcycle engine were similar to the patent drawings of Leon Serpollet from 1904.

It had a flash boiler for a reasonably quick start, and ran on paraffin, the steam created drove a 200cc single-cylinder engine with side-valves. A tubular frame with braced forks housed the boiler and engine, and the drive was by belt with no need for clutch or gearbox.

Source: Graces Guide
There is a letter from Mr Hale in The Motorcycle of Jan 9th 1913, and another in Motor Cycling of Jan 23rd 1917.

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