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Hanstock Engineering

HE motorcycles were produced around 1935 by Frederick Hanstock who used the initials of his firm, Hanstock Engineering, of Maltby, near Rotherham in Yorkshire.

Hanstock formed the company after selling his Carlton Cycles firm[1]

He built frames to carry a range of Villiers two-stroke engines. The machines were not listed in major catalogues so most must have been sold locally. At least two went to Maltby residents.

An article in the Sunbeam MCC newsletter saying that Hanstock Engineering was "restarted" in 1939.
2. Hanstock's H.E. is sometimes confused with H.E.C. There was a motorcycle of this name built by the Hewins Engineeering Company of Taunton, Somerset, in 1923-24, and another named the HEC Powercycle was built by Hepburn Engineering Co.

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