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Hezekiah Close

HCL motorcycles were produced in 1922. The initials stood for Hezekiah Close of Leigh, and the machines were made at Railway Road.

The motorcycles were made post-Great War and the engines used were either a 269cc Villiers two-stroke or V-twin four- stroke JAP, driving a Burman or Sturmey-Archer two-speed gearbox. The machines had a simple frame fitted with Saxon forks at the front.

Close soon gave up making motorcycles and became a professional musician, so only six machines were ever made.

Source: Graces Guide

HCL Motorcycles

Fri Jul 13 2012
Hezekiah Close
I have an original sales leaflet of the HCL produced in 1922 which shows the full specification and carries a photograph of the motorcycle. Would you like a copy of the leaflet for your archives?

Ian Johnson

I have attached a photograph taken in the early 1920`s outside my Grandads shop on Railway Road, Leigh. He is on the right as you look at the photograph.
I have also attached two blueprint copies of the magneto and coil fiiting.
The fourth one is a copy of the sales leaflet. I still have the printer`s block from which the reproduction of the HCL was made. for the leaflet. 

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