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Nickson-B Motorcycles

John Nickson produced motorcycles from 1921 to 1927 at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire.

1921 The first machines were powered by Blackburne engines. This gave the B suffix to the name. They were also fitted with Brampton forks and Burman gearboxes. The first models came as 348cc and 499cc sv.

1922 A Villiers two-stroke was added.

1924 The range was joined by a 349cc Bradshaw oil boiler and the larger Blackburne model had gone.

Production continued spasmodically with the Bradshaw model.

1927 There were no more listings after that year.

JNU was a motorcycle produced from 1921 to 1922 by John Nickson of Bamber Bridge, Preston.

The first JNU had a 318cc two-stroke Dalm engine, Albion two-speed gearbox and chain-cum-belt transmission. As an optional extra, a kickstarter could be fitted.

2¾ h.p. Nickson-B, 1921

A recent addition to the list of Blackburne-engined machines, the 2¾ h.p. Nickson-B.

A New 4 h.p. Blackburne-engined Mount.

One of the features of the last Olympia Show was the number of machines fitted with 4 h.p. Blackburne engines. Yet another mount has been introduced with this popular power plant - the Nickson, made by John Nickson, 230, Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. A Burman three-speed gear box, Brampton forks, and aluminium footplates are included in the equipment, and the saddle height is 29in. The price is £128.

Several other models are also made including the J.N.U. 2¾ h.p. two-stroke with a Dalm engine and two-speed gear, with and without clutch and kick starters, at £68 10s. and £75 respectively. Another model has a 2¾ h.p. Blackburne engine, and with two-speed clutch and kick starter sells at £105.

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