Today in Motorcycle History

The Low Motorcycle

Low - in 1922 a motorcycle was designed by Professor Archibald Montgomery Low.

His design was an 'ideal' machine with a pressed-steel frame, enclosed working parts, shaft drive, and a 493cc four-cylinder two-stroke engine. Cylinders were air-cooled in a monobloc casting and set in-line with the frame. It had coil ignition through a skew-gear-driven distributor and a single Binks carburettor. There was also a Rotax dynamo, gear-driven from the one-piece crankshaft, to provide battery charging for the electric lighting. There was also a three-speed gearbox in-unit with the engine.

By February of that year, the machine had covered 1,500 miles and modifications were planned. It was claimed to be the first ever four-cylinder two-stroke motorcycle. However, the Low did not progress any further as it was thought to be far too costly to put into production and it would have been a very expensive model to buy. Source: Graces Guide

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