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New Paragon Motorcycles

Motor Works of Cressing Road, Braintree, Essex. From 1914 to 1921, the marque had previously been Paragon.

  • 1921 The firm added New to its name and produced one model, with a 358cc two-stroke engine, two-speed, chain-driven Albion gearbox, with belt final-drive. It had CAV magneto ignition.

    1922 A single speed option was added. It was their final season.

Changes in the Paragon.

Paragon 1921

Magneto side of the Paragon lightweight, which is now fitted with a standard Albion gear box.

LAST year the Paragon had gear box and engine in one unit, but on the latest model a standard Albion box as been adopted. This mount, however, retains several distinctive points.

The two-stroke engine of 75 mm. x 79 mm. (349 c.c.) is of the "four-port" variety, having a port in the piston registering with the transfer port, while to this latter a ball valve is fitted, the subject of which is to facilitate the separation of the fresh mixture from the burnt gases by scavenging the cylinder by means of an inrush of pure air. Lubrication is by suction from the crank case, the oil passing through a drip feed, which is provided with a tap to guard against any leakage when the machine is at rest.

No engine plates are employed for the attachment of the engine to the frame, as lugs are cast integrally with the crank case.

The C.A.V. magneto is carried on a neat platform attached to the offside of the crank case, and is driven by means of a simple and efficiently designed coupling off the main shaft. A B and B carburetter is fitted.

The front portion of the frame is suspended on Maplestone spring forks.

It must be mentioned that the Albion two-speed gear box, which incorporates a kick-starter, is carried higher than usual in the frame so as to keep it well away from the mud thrown up by the wheels. It is made by the Motor Works, Cressing Road, Braintree, Essex.

The Motor Cycle April 11th, 1921. Page 430

Source: Graces Guide

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