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Priory Motorcycles

Priory Engineering Co built motorcycles from 1920 to 1924 at their factory in Kenilworth, Worcestershire.

The company produced conventional lightweights and often added Ace wheel discs and Arden pressed-steel front forks. They used the 269cc Arden two-stroke engine, Albion two-speed gearbox and chain-cum-belt drive.

They later used 147cc and 269cc Villiers and 292cc Union two-strokes, and the 292cc sv JAP engines on occasion.

Olympia Show 1920

Priory. (Stand 6.)

  • 2½ h.p. Arden; 70x70 mm. (269 c.c); single-cylinder two-stroke; hand pump lubrication; B. and B. carburetter; C.A.V. chain-driven magneto; two-speed Albion gear; chain and belt drive; Hutchinson 26 x 2½ in. tyres.

Derry and Edwards, 1, Great Eastern Street, London, E.C.I.

The 2½ h.p. two-stroke Priory is an attractive little mount of handsome appearance, with Ace disc wheels, which are particularly well finished. With wide and well valanced mudguards, it appears to be a thoroughly practical little mount. A casting forms a y-shaped branch for the twin exhaust pipes, which lead to an expansion chamber of generous dimensions. The exit for the gases is amply large, and a long tail pipe is fitted. The two-speed Albion gear incorporates a handle-bar controlled clutch. Points of convenience have been well studied; comfortable aluminium footboards are provided and a neatly finished aluminium chain cover. The Arden front forks, which are built of welded sheet steel, are quite a noteworthy feature of the machine.

Olympia Show, 1920

The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920. Page 710

Source: Graces Guide

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