Royal Riley Motorcycles

Built by Harry Rignold of New Brighton, the machine is also referred to as simply "Riley".[1] (Motor Cycle, 1903).

1903 July. "Harry Rignold, New Brighton, did most creditable performance at the Wallasly Charity Sports the New Brighton track on his Royal Riley motor bicycle, accomplishing the mile in 1 min. 15 secs.[2] Rignold only received the machine three days before the sports, and is stated that intends going for other records shortly."

1903 August. Accident. "Last evening Rignold of Bristol, was badly hurt in an accident at the Carmarthen cement cycling track during a three-mile motor-cycle race. The event was postponed on Monday owing to a mishap in which Rignold and three spectators were hurt. Yesterday Rignold and Wright, of Coventry, were trying conclusions, and Rignold travelling at tremendous speed had overtaken Wright, and entered a bend when his machine skidded, throwing him several yards, and bringing his head contact with an iron post with great violence. The skull was fractured, and he lies in Carmarthenshire Infirmary in critical condition."

1905 Isle of Man Selection Trial. Reserve rider.

1905 August. "It is said that J. S. Benyon has entered the motor industry in partnership with Harry Rignold. The abilities the Chester crack and practical experience of his partner should make an excellent combination."

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle 1903.
Quotes are from Coventry Evening Telegraph, 1903; Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 1903; The Sportsman, 1905;

1. Unrelated to Riley of Coventry
2. OCR error - 1.15 is a guess.