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Chater Lea Motorcycles for 1920/1921 Season

Chater-Lea Technicalities 1920

Rear axle assembly of the Chater-Lea, showing the driving pins between the chain wheel and the rear wheel hub.
The spare wheel of the Chater-Lea sidecar is carried on a tubular support on the sidecar chassis.

The 1920 Olympia Show.

Chater-Lea. (Stand 90.)

2½ h.p.; 70x70 mm. (269 c.c.); single-cylinder two-stroke; drip feed lubrication; Amac carburetter; T.B. chain-driven magneto; two-speed countershaft gear; chain and belt drive; 26 x 3 in. tyres. Price £70.

Chater-Lea, Ltd., 74, Banner Street, London, E.C.1.

A pleasing looking little lightweight of standard design is the 2½ h.p. Chater-Lea, black and gold finish being employed. Mudguarding has been particularly well carried out, and the sloping top tube provides a low riding position and neat appearance. A lever control for the magneto is fitted to the tank, which also carries a Best and Lloyd drip feed lubricator. Special Chater-Lea spring forks are, of course, fitted, and a single toolbag is carried on the near side of the carrier. The countershaft gear box is particularly well carried out, and is controlled by a lever and quadrant on the left side of the tank.

8 h.p.; 85x85 mm. (964 c.c.); two-cylinder four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication; Amac carburetter; T.B. chain-driven magneto; three-speed sliding gear; chain drive; 700x80 mm. tyres.

A luxurious sidecar machine is seen in the 8 h.p. Chater Lea twin. It is of sturdy construction, and a good feature is the fitting of over-sized tyres, all wheels being detachable and interchangeable. A spare wheel is carried at the front of the sidecar chassis by a special lug provided for the purpose. The chain transmission throughout is well guarded, but is not totally enclosed. Features which call for inspection are the special Chater-Lea spring saddle mounting and spring fork.

It is claimed that the combination of the two results in an exceptionally comfortable machine. The power unit is on standard lines, as also is the countershaft gear box. The chain sprocket has combined with it a large drum in which is an expanding brake. Finished in black and gold, the tank accommodates 2½ gallons of fuel, but, owing to the rounded corners, it does not appear unduly large. A large cylindrical silencer, with an extension pipe, ensures the quiet running of the machine. If desired, a Lucas Magdyno may be fitted with electric lighting equipment, this being, of course, an extra. A particularly simple method of detaching the interchangeable wheels is used.

Olympia Show, 1920

The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.

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