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Clyno Motorcycles 1914

A New Lady's Model.


ONE of the smartest open frame models we have yet seen comes from the Clyno factory at Wolverhampton, and its graceful lines are sure to attract the attention of the weaker sex. The power unit is the combined two-stroke engine and two-speed gear exactly the same as on the standard men's model. A large plate clutch is carried inside the 6in. belt pulley and is operated by a convenient handle-bar lever.

The normal engine position is retained, and this, in itself, is peculiarly adaptable to the open frame The loop frame design is similar to the standard except that the top tubes are replaced by a double sloping tube, between which the tank is fitted, overlapping at the top so as to give a very neat appearance. The arrangements for dress guarding are excellent; the flywheel is enclosed in the usual way, and a belt guard has been added to the clutch cover. In addition to this, a neat and quickly detachable engine shield is fitted, and the rear guard is provided with a very deep valance to protect the dress from the wheel.

All the controls are very conveniently arranged, and a glass sided oil pump ensures a full charge of oil reaching the petrol tank for mixing purposes. The long, curved aluminium footboards provide ample protection for the feet, and the machine is equipped with lamp, generator, horn, tools, etc.

The Motor Cycle, September 24th, 1914 p371.

Engine -2¼ h.p. two-stroke, 269 c.c.
Iqnition - Ruthardt magneto, gear-driven.
Carburetter - Clyno-Amac.
Change Speed - Countershaft two-speed, gears 5¾ and 10 1/3 to 1.
Transmission - Gear and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 29in. Ground clearance, 6in.
Lubrication - Oil mixed with petrol.
Other Features - Druid forks. Lucas lamp and horn. Rear light.
Price - $40. Single-speed, $30.

Clyno Engineering Co., Wolverhampton.

British Lightweights, 1914

Clyno 1914 Commercial Sidecarier

The Clyno commercial sidecarrier. The load is carried on springs, and extra coils support and insulate the top of the carrier. The spare wheel is carried beside the box.


FOR some time the Clyno Engineering Co., Ltd., have been supplying the New Zealand postal authorities with special sidecars. We are illustrating a vehicle which has been designed by this firm for all sorts of commercial purposes, and can be fitted up to any specification that might be put forward by a tradesman.

The frame is built up sturdily with very few curves in it and is square in form. The body is suspended on two leaf springs underneath, whilst at each corner small springs are located to absorb any further shocks. There are. of course, many advantages in using such a combination, as a spare wheel can be carried which can be interchangeable throughout. This particular type of sidecar has been thoroughly tested, as the firm was building these some two years ago.

The Motor Cycle, September 17th, 1914. p357

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