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Clyno Motorcycles 1910

3 h.p. Clyno 1909

3 h.p. Clyno, with 76x85 Stevens single-cylinder engine, Ruthardt magneto, and B. and B. carburetter.

Report from the Stanley Show, November 1909

CLYNO, Stand No. 260.

  • 3 h.p. Model: 76 x 85 mm.; m.o.i.v.; Simms magneto; B. and B. carburetter, h.b.c.; 3¾ to 1 gear (adjustable), Shamrock-Excelsior tyres; belt transmission. The Clyno Engineering Co., Thrapston.

The 3-3½ h.p. Clyno is a nice looking machine on standard lines, with the engine in a vertical position forward of the bottom bracket. The magneto is carried forward of the engine close against the front mudguard, and is driven by gearing enclosed in an aluminium case. Chater-Lea spring forks are fitted, and tyres of very ample dimensions are installed. Both brakes take effect on the rear wheel, the hand brake acting on the tyre rim and the foot brake on the belt rim. The lubricating pump is carried at the forward end of the petrol tank, which is provided with a gauge.

A special point in the construction of this machine is that the engine, carburetter, magneto, silencer, and footrests form a complete independent unit, which can be detached by removal of two bolts. The Clyno patent adjustable pulley is used, which gives a fairly wide range of gear, and is operated in a very simple manner. The stand is of the Clyno tubular adjustable type, a feature of which is that as the two legs are separately operated, the stand can be made to adapt itself to any unevenness in the road.

  • 5-6 h.p. Twin Model: 76 x 82 mm.; m.o.i.v.; Simms magneto; B. and B. carburetter, h.b.c.; 3 ¾ to 1 gear (adjustable); Shamrock-Excelsior tyres; belt transmission.

This machine is similar in design to the smaller model except as regards the engine, which has the magneto plate in the rear just ahead of the rear mudguard, where it is driven by a long chain enclosed in an aluminium case which is provided with means of adjustment. The B. and B. carburetter is placed between the cylinders in a very accessible position. Stevens engines are used.

The Motor Cycle November 22nd. 1909 p914

Stanley Show 1909

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