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Carpati Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Zarnesti, Brasov, Romania
1959-1967 (circa)

The company "6-Mertie Werk", based in the town of Zarnesti in the province of Brasov, was a moped manufacturer in Romania established around 1960. The factory was built in 1938 and was part of the group which became known as March 6th Plant after the Russian invasion.

The factory built their own 68cc two-stroke engines, but they were best known for its commercial vehicles which were built circa 1962-1979. The plant was huge and at one stage employed 155,000 workers, producing a grand total of 7,000 bicycles and moped annually. It appears that a great many of those workers were building not mopeds and Pegas bicycles but war materiel.

Carpati 49cc. Based on the Simson SR2, the first mopeds were produced in 1959.
M103 Super Carpati 68cc 4-speed, suspension front and rear. Built 1963-1967, possibly other years.

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