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Mobra Hoinar reconditionata by ojica tudor

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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Romania
Zarnesti, ca 1970-1994
See also Carpati

The name Mobra is derived from Moped Brasov - Mo-Bra.


Mobra 50 - Production began in 1970. This machine was the successor to the Carparti machines and developed 4hp.

Mobra 50 Super

Mobra Turist

Mobra Mini - a 49cc two-stroke single developing 2hp with a top speed of 40 km/h. Production began in 1977.

Mobra Hoinar - entered production in 1987. Also a 50cc model, it had much improved performance with its 5hp engine giving a top speed of almost 75 km/h.

In 1987 an electric model was under development, but it did not enter production.

Motorcycle production ceased in 1994. The company was renamed Tohan in 2004, and the last Mobra motorcycle was sold in 2010 - these were either left-over stock from the late 1980s or assembled from parts built during those years, it would appear.

Sources: romaniancar.com, mobra.ro

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