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Sun Oct 14 2012
Fantic Roller
Fantic-Motor,Barzago FM 1381-Pony 5501647
Suche eine Betriebsanleitung oder Ersatzteilliste.Könnten Sie mir diesbezüglich weiterhelfen.
vielen Dank

Wed Jun 13 2012
Year of bike 1975 ish
Fantic Caballero 50cc
How do I find the year of my bike when I have no log book or number plate.

Mon Jan 23 2012
Fantic Mini Bike
Fantic V1/GB
I am trying to locate a source of spares and information for a friend who has a Fantic Mini Bike he would like to restore. Any information would be greatfully received.
Bristol. UK

Wed Dec 14 2011
Fantic Motorcycles
Fantic 250 Enduro
Whrn did Fantic Motors came back into production??After stopping in 1995.

Sat Nov 19 2011
Fantic GT SUPER 6
Needed, complete exhaust system ( spring to cylinder version) dual seat with zip and rear light light unit and bracket.

Mon Sep 05 2011
rltbouchard<at>gmail.c o m
Broncco TX6
Is this a Minarelli P4 Engine? Think its a 1968 or 1969 50cc. Any parts available?
Farmington, CT


Mon Aug 15 2011
250 kick start shaft
fantic 300 pro
I need a kick start shaft
Northern Ireland

Thu Jun 09 2011
jbjbm45 at
3.50 inch x 7 inch tires
fantic motor unknown
I need two of this size tires. Can anyone help?
burlington vermont

Some aircraft take tyres that size, I believe. Ed
Vintage Tyres Resources

Tue Apr 19 2011
Parts required
Fantic 80cc water cooled
Hi can anyone help I need parts for a water cooled Fantic 80cc. Things like radiator and fan, carb, sump guard, ht coil, and many other parts. Many Thanks

Thu Mar 10 2011
62to65<at>moparsbymosher.c o m
1968 Fantic go kart
fantic 1968 go kart
i am looking for hub caps that say Fantic for a gokart i am restoring.
l.a. ca. u.s.a.

Wed Mar 02 2011
paint colour ( red)
fantic caballero
can anyone tell me the paint code and colour name for Fantic cab 1974/5 . cheers joe
england/ leicester

Fri Dec 10 2010
gdmac37<at>hotmail.c o m
Importing new Fantics
2011 offroad enduro bikes
I am interested in importing Fantic motorcycles in the U.S. if possible. Can you help me get in touch with the right people?
New York USA

Sat Aug 14 2010
reddym619<at>hotmail.c o m
Buy Fantic Motor
Fantic Motor Turismo Internazionale or Fantic Ti Sports
I want to buy a complete/functional Fantic Motor Turismo Internazionale or Fantic Ti Sports...
Im very interested... Please contcat me...

Mon Jul 19 2010
Buy Fantic Motor chopper 125cc
Fantic Motor Chopper 125cc
I want to buy a Fantic Motor chopper 125cc ,
I will pay top money for

Mon Apr 12 2010
fuel ?
fantic 245 1989
unleaded or not
2 stroke mix

Tue Feb 09 2010
benny083 A T
platine allumage casser
fantic tx350
je cherche un platine d'allumage pour mon Fantic 200 de 1979 merci

Mon Feb 08 2010
errolandbrenda A T supanet.c o m
fantic motor cycle
fantic koala
I also have a 50cc blue bike same model as in picture

Fantic Koala 75cc

Tue Nov 24 2009
stcustomhandyman A T yahoo.c o m
Fantic 249
Same old question; WHERE TO FIND PARTS
I need to restor it.
Please I need info.

Wed Oct 21 2009
zdravkostr A T yahoo.c o m
fantik koala
i need tire for coala Fantic

Sat Aug 29 2009
bobhendren A T
1980 Concord Model XKE 25 manufactured by Fantic motor
Concord Shadow XKE 25
any information about where it was made,parts availability,dealers in my area

Mon Aug 10 2009
colin.symonds2202 A T btinternet.c o m
Fantic Mini Bike
Fantic Mini Bike
I have a old mini Bike with a Fantic engine that looks very simular to one on your website do you have any details as i have never seen another one and can not find any one who knows where or when it was made
i would love to hear from you

Salisbury UK

Fantic Minibike Blue

Thu Jul 16 2009
g.debruyne A T hotmail.c o m

Fantic Koala, Belgium

Sun Jun 28 2009
isifelix A T
Fantic aluninium kickstart
Requiered Kroo or section
Looking for aluminium Fantic kick start fromm Fantic section or kroo
Madrid Spain

Fri Jun 19 2009
assist A T sarsilmaz.c o m
new gas tank
fantic koala Fantic koala 80
I need a new gas tank for my Fantic koala 80
Istanbul - Turkey

Mon Jun 15 2009
errolandbrenda A T supanet.c o m
fantic motor cycle
fantic koala
has anyone a 50cc or 80cc Fantic koala for sale

Thu Feb 12 2009 A T btinternet.c o m
Spare parts
Fantic GT
Do you know where I can buy spare parts to restore the engine and body of our Fantic gt? in the UK?

Sun Dec 28 2008
steviejprudhoebay A T yahoo.c o m
info needed
fantic broncco
hello from alaska, i have what i appears to be a Fantic broncco, hoping to get some info, what engine did it have? how many made? pictures? parts? year?
anchorage, alaska

Fantic Broncco frame

Thu Dec 18 2008
paul.hellon A T sky.c o m
Fantic 403/Trial 300 pro
fantic fm403 / trial 300 pro
Hi, just wondering if you could get me any info on these bikes. im after front pads rear shoes, fork seals, decal set, front and rear mudguards front brake lever, cheers Paul. ps any info at all would be greatly received.
cumbria, uk.

Fri Oct 24 2008
tabandit28 A T yahoo.c o m
fantic broncco in ohio
bronnco warrior
i have the identical broncco bike and was wondering where to get parts for it.also would like to know the year,i dont know what mine is.

Fri Nov 21 2008
SOMERSET Ducati-Gowanloch in Australia often have sources of early Ducati electrics. Ed.

Fri Mar 28 2008
densmore A T
Fantic Fantichino
I have a Fantic Fantichino just like the one in the picture of this gallery. Can you tell me what year model it is and what motor went on it. The only numbers i have found on the bike is 112079. Any information you can give me is great.

Sat Mar 01 2008
www.phil.lingard A T
Sale inquiry
Fantic GT 4
Hi, My farther is sellin an old gt4 R reg year78.what is an average price be in needy condition low millage.
Midlands, UK

Feb 08
1989 Fantic 307 flywheel puller has a 32 x 1.25 thread
Wiring diagram for 307

Sat Jan 26 2008
service A T staravr.c o m
I acquired a 1970 Farari mini bike that was imported to Canada. It is a 70cc franco marini engine. Is there anyone out there that can help me find out any information about this bike. I have so far come up with very little.
Pennsylvania USA

Wed Nov 28 2007
chopperfletch A T btinternet.c o m

does anyone have an engine for Fantichino i have managed to get hold of this little bike and i an wanting to restore it with the kids that i work with at a school. the kids have some special needs and this would be an interesting project for them to get into. any info would be great.
many thanks
lancaster england

Oct 26th 2007
mikey-shepherd A T hotmail.c o m

well i just bought it off ebay for a early birthday present and my dad and i decided to get into trials so i bought something cheap so i wouldnt be worried about breaking it , droping it or falling off

the man i bought it off didnt know much about them, so he didnt tell
me much about it.

its a Fantic, not sure what model or cc, it feels around a 200cc, its a 2 stroke.
it used to be bright orange originally but it has been sprayed black. not sure of its year or anything.

i dont know much about it so far as i only bought it 2 days ago.

i was hoping to post pictures on your forum so maybe the other forum members could perhaps tell me what model it is.

Fantic Trials unknown.jpg
Fantic Trials unknown

Thu Sep 27 2007
sk.nk A T
Fantic Gt super six
Hi I´m looking for a Fantic Gt super six, if you have one to sell, please contact me.

Mon Sep 10 2007
rhollingworth A T
Fantic rebuild
1976 GT 50cc Moped
I am starting my 1st rebuild on an old Fantic GT Parts & paint delatis required.
Please HELP
Its a Standard Fantic 50 GT circa 1976.
I brought it in boxes so pictures un available
The standard colour is a Plumb Red Metallic Colour
Thanks for the reply & speak to you soon
Trying to bring the moped back to origional,
Need Paint Code/Colour name for the Red Metallic colour + other NOS parts

Sat Jul 21 2007
komodosphere A T hotmail.c o m
50CC GT 1974

Sun Jul 01 2007
mr.farrow A T
Fantic TX1 minibike
where can I find parts, need front brake parts, fenders, front springs ,ect.
United States Mo.

Tue Jun 19 2007
darranguisse.stephane A T
technical book
fantic 125 strada
i'm looking for a technical book of Fantic 125 strada 1984. i have a electric problem and i want repair this motorcycle

Fri May 25 2007
trudy.firks A T
fantic 360 cross special edition
hi my name is trudy just wondering if you could help my husband he has a Fantic 360 cross special edition he wants information on this bike and how much it is worth. can you help
bristol, england

Thu May 17 2007
emiller12p A T hotmail.c o m
ignition parts
concord xke 1978
I'm looking for a coil and condensor

Fri Apr 27 2007
Fantic Trials
Fantic Model 403
Hi there, I have recently purchased a Fantic Trials bike,frame number 36411604.It is a 250 cc.Could someone tell me what year the bike was made and where I could source parts from,thanks.
New Zealand

Sun Mar 25 2007
rdgooding A T msn.c o m
Garelli Bronco
Could you tell me if this is a Garelli bike. See picture. I bought it at an auction and know nothing about it.
Ron Gooding
Cinn. Ohio USA

Fantic Broncco Ohio.jpg
Fantic Broncco Ohio

Fri Feb 23 2007
fanticmotorusa A T yahoo.c o m
Check out 404

United States

Sun Feb 18 2007
newman871 A T aol.c o m
wanted immaculate/restored Fantic gt50 1975 77ish unrest
fantic gt50
wanted an immaculate restored unrestricted Fantic gt50. about 1975-77ish?

Thu Jan 25 2007
welding A T westermans.c o m
help with information about this bike
fantic minarelli monkey bike
help i have had this bike for many years but my kids have moved on i placed it on ebay but i was told this was a rare bike it has on it Fantic on the engine and i have been told it is a minarelli monkey bike but i do not know it has been through 4 kids so you can emagin what its like but apart from the throttle cable breaking of the carb and the carberator taken of but still with bike but i think there is a part missing from the top its working any help before i put it on ebay would be a great help i have alot more photos if need
leicester uk

Fantic Minibike Minarelli.jpg
Fantic Minibike Minarelli

Fri Jan 19 2007
john A T
Model: not sure but has fm364 on some parts
could you tell me were i can get parts for my Fantic

Thu Jan 04 2007
newman871 A T aol.c o m
for sale.
fantic gt 50 2,245 kmh from new.
imported from germany its a 1979 model with magwheels disc brake restricted german v5 not registered yet in england.very nice condition. £1,350

Tue Dec 26 2006
thecolemans43 A T
engine parts
fantic 150
do you have any barrel studs for my Fantic 150 for sale.thanks

Sat Dec 02 2006
kev-cpfc A T hotmail.c o m
fantic strada
125 cc
i need a new exhaust for my strada 125, any ideas

Fri Dec 01 2006
newman871 A T aol.c o m
1979 Fantic gt 50.
anyone ever derestricted a Fantic gt 50. if not any one know whats involved please? carb/exhaust? thanks paul.

Mon Oct 23 2006
tage-isa A T
Electric diagram wanted q:)
Fantic 50 Caballero 84mod mik 26
Hi people.
Can anyone help me with the el diagram on this one? Joy to the world.
Fantic is Fantastic.

Wed Oct 11 2006
newman871 A T aol.c o m
fantic motor g.t parts.
fantic g.t 50 parts wanted.

Thu Aug 31 2006
lesamis9 A T gmail.c o m
gudgin pin and piston ring
fantic motor 240 211cc
I am looking for the size and a place to order a gudgin pin and piston ring for a 211cc Fantic motor which serial number ends in 240

Sat Jul 15 2006
Vlegnina62 A T aol.c o m
motor size
Motori Minarelli VI CONCORD
Need information on motor
size, model xke s/n2001200
fantic tx320dgmg*16779*
can anyone tell me the motor size? And where could I get an ignition switch on the handle bar?

Thu Jun 08 2006
sam.jacko5 A T btopenworld.c o m
feul mixtures
fantic 245
help i'm trying to find out what the petrol oil mix ratio is on my Fantic 245
selby ,england

Mon Feb 20 2006
cairnty A T btinternet.c o m
fantic 243 manual
looking for the above manual having difficulty can you help

Mon Jan 30 2006
Fantichino minibike
I am desparatly trying to obtain info and parts source for a Fantichino I want to restore. Can You Help ?

Thank You
Tim Shook

Mon Jan 23 2006
newman871 A T aol.c o m
fantic g.t.
anyone got one 4 sale? thanks paul.
Sat Sep 16 2006
still looking to purchase a Fantic gt 50

Mon Jan 23 2006
lisasalter-9 A T msn.c o m
fantic caballero
can you give me any information or a phone number where i can buy a Fantic caballero thanks

Tue Oct 04 2005
niceguymike69 A T wmconnect.c o m
1978 Fantic motor concord moped
do you know where i can find a owners manual and a repair manual for my 1978 Fantic motor concord moped? i am in the united states

Mon Oct 03 2005
jjnjr211 A T insightbb.c o m
Fantic 307
I would like to know where I can get parts for a 1990 Fantic 307.

Mon Sep 19 2005
andi-ferreira A T hotmail.c o m
US Distributors
My father used to sell Fantic motorcycles years ago in Portugal. He has been trying to find someone who sells them here in the US. Are there any dealers in the US? Or will there be in the future?

Thank you for you help!

Andi Ferreira

Sun Sep 11 2005
rjsjulie A T aol.c o m
Fantic Koala
I have a Fantic Koala which needs a new headlight and casing, I would be grateful for any info on where I might be able to get these.

Fri Jul 01 2005
newman871 A T aol.c o m
fantic gt 50.
hi does anyone know the whereabouts of my old gt. sold in southampton the reg no is CAA 246R. it had chrome tank fairing drops etc. thanks .paul.

Sun Jun 05 2005
gizmospain A T hotmail.c o m
fantic koala tires
i need tires for the koala they are DURO 21 x12.00 -8 can anyone help.....please.....

Sun Jul 03 2005
gizmospain A T hotmail.c o m
thanks for all the messages re my tires for the Fantic koala,,,,,ive now got them and all is hunky dory....thankyou.Gizmo.Tossa de Mar .España

Mon May 23 2005
chuckfrisbee A T
Fantic KRoo 250cc.
Looking for some Kroo parts. Rear mudguard, headlamp cowl complete, infill panels that sit in front of the tank and above the lower cowl [both sides], gear lever, rear brake lever. Please contact me at chuckfrisbee A T

Tue May 17 2005
markyboi A T hotmail.c o m
fantic 205/fantic section
hi there please could you tell me how much would if be for a chain and sporcets for my Fantic 205? And how much would if be for a thorrtle cable? now on to my Fantic section 1995 i need a side stand please could you tell me how much all this would be thanks mark

Wed Apr 27 2005
john.clark720 at ntlworld.c o m
Fantic Ti
Hi, has anyone got ANY spares for a Fantic Ti or a complete one for sale. Will collect anywhere in UK. Please can you help me. Thanks. John

Fantic Cherry Standard.jpg
Fantic Cherry Standard

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005
subject: koala motor
Email: gizmospain at hotmail.c o m
message: any sites for parts,im in spain with a Fantic koala in great condition,except the parts,,,help

January 5th 2005
subject: Fantic Super T
Email: crich609 at sn.c o m
message: Could someone find me a Fantic Motor Super T. Any colour. Any condition.

December 31st 2004
subject: Fantic234 airbox...
See Fantic Forum

August 23, 2002
Hello, I recently came by a minibike frame, It says "fantic motorworks" on it, so I am assuming it is a Fantic brand Frame. But I cannot find ANY sites about Fantic minibikes, and its quite hard even to find sites with higher end Fantic motorcycles. I know this email is to tell you ABOUT Fantic motorcycles, but I thought maybe someone has told you something that you can tell me. ANY info appreciated, thanks -- Zguy123 at aol.c o m

August 8, 2002
Hello all,
I am restoring a 1975/6 Fantic RC 125 TX150 enduro.
I need the following parts:
Workshop manual/owners manual
Exhaust pipe
Front and rear fenders
Front and rear lights
Tank pouch

I really need loads more parts. Any RC parts that people may have laying around may help with this project. This bike has an unusual motor. It has been tagged "Preperatsione Especial" or "Specially Tunned" at the factory and at a guess is about 180 to 200 cc. But the main bike is a RC125.

It should look like this But mine looks like this

p>So you can see my problem, its a real basket case but I think it deserves to live on..
Please help, I am willing to purchase any bits for the RC that you may have especially the bits listed above..
Glenn Howard -- glenn.howard at reuters.c o m
W 02075426180
H 01442 246085
M 07990566180

August 7, 2002
Ich habe eine TX6
Bj 70, 50cc.
Suche ersatzteile bzw unterlagen.
Und eine frage noch,was sind gut erhaltene wert?(ca?)
Suche eine Copy der ABE!?
mfg T Vecchio
tvecchio at


August 2, 2002
I'm new to this posting for info stuff, but can anyone help me with lit or a parts source for my Fantic minibike? I think the model is Fanichino TX11 -- hsainfo at attbi.c o m

July 22, 2002
I have a 90 Fantic 305, If anyone knows of a supplier for a workshop manual,...
See Fantic Forum

July 16, 2002
Fantic TX134 Year 1974 50ccm
Good Day to all Fantic Friends out there!
I have a front Wheel make is Casal it is for a Teier size 2.50X17. It is a high Schoulder Alu. Rim with doubel Breake leaver. I need a Seedometer plus Cabel and the Gear that gose in Rim . If anyone can help i would be thankful . -- Allen out of Germany -- redblood50ccm at

July 10, 2002
hello , i'm looking for a muffler , Fantic 250 ; 1994, happy to hear from you soon !! bye bye every one ! maceo.park at

July 10, 2002
I have a Fantic mini-moped and I know that I have the 2-paged owners manual somewhere, but I can´t find it. My moped is in excellent condition, but I have one problem. Sometimes it is difficult to start the warm engine. It seems that the engine is running too hot or there might be some problems with the carburetor dellorto sha 14.?. I wonder if other Fantic-owners have the same kind of problems. I have a picture of the model here. Recently I found an announcement in a free-add newspaper where somebody was selling this model without an engine here in Finland. (404) -- Harri Vesterinen -- k24396 at

July 4, 2002
Have a 1975 Fantic 50cc GT for rebuild.totally complete.any offers.or will swap for a Fantic chopper.or TI or cabillaro -- krusty at

June 28, 2002
I'm looking for a Fantic GT of Mid 70's vintage. Anything considered. -- stephendwhite at

June 12, 2002
I have a Fantic ?. The only details that I have are the following numbers
a. Engine type FM 350 electronic ignition 6 speed
b. FM 250 DGM3283GS.
I'm presuming that it is a 350cc although I've been told they did not make a 350cc.
Any info or sourcing of spares appreciated
Chris Parsons -- ae0ohnosc at bhp.c o m

May 28, 2002
Hello,I have a Fantic TX-6 Minicross and I'm searching for some Motorparts. So if you have some information or addresses please contact me. -- Dirk.buhrmann at

May 22, 2002
Could you please let me know what sparkplug is fitted in a Fantic 80 trails and where I could get spare parts for it. -- David Boon -- spider at

May 15, 2002
Hi. i have a Fantic motor 364, it has disc front and back and mono shock. I think its a 1990 or older. If anyone does have any parts please email me. -- thanks Ben uk -- BenPedley at aol.c o m

May 13, 2002
Hello folks,
I was made a site for the Fantic motor at url (geocities)br> goodbye -- falda2 at hotmail.c o m

May 12, 2002
I have a Fantic xke 25 concord invader. any idea where I might purchase a speedometer cable assembly for this model or a junkyard I could check out? -- Thanks! -- patrick nees -- teddy at modempool.c o m

April 30, 2002
Hello; I'm sitting here with a pal of Mine who has a 1990 305; have you had any luck yet?. He needs to strip the engine as well. Drop us a line if you get anywhere; cheers -- Brian.Lloyd12 at btopenworld.c o m

April 23, 2002
Hi anyone interested in buying my Caballero 125cc rolling chassis, engine complete but broken, with V5 registered/used overseas declared manufactured 1981,for photos or more info please email me gldb at aol.c o m , also have a good condition Fantic tx F/G tank, no cap ime afraid sensible offers only please, I will be as helpful as I can but please no time wasters, George

April 16, 2002
Bonjour à tous les passionnés de Fantic Motor. Le site Fantic Motor Passion est toujours sur le Web. La liste des modèles sera bientôt disponible en Français. Bon surf à tous. 404 at + Eric fanticmotor at

April 11. 2002
I'm looking for an engine repair manual, exploded parts diagrams, etc. for a 1989 Fantic 305. I need to freshen this motor up but have no info on what to expect when I open it up. I also need parts sources.
Any help is appreciated. -- Matt Palmer -- mpalmer at medcanica.c o m

April 9, 2002
HI I have just purchased three old Fantics and wonder if anybody could help me with the following queries? I have a log book for one bike which is a 125cc Caballero, all the parts appear to be there, but unfortunately the engine is shot, registered 1981. Bike two and three I don't know what models these are but do have the frame nos, TX 250DGM 16992 OM /350 DGM 19461 OM. The model 350 runs but the tx250 has a big end gone and some other damage. If someone could enlighten me as to the follows I would be obliged, could someone please identify the 350/250 bikes/has anyone got any spare engines for the two lame bikes, and where do I look for the engine nos.? regards -- George -- GLDB at aol.c o m

April 8, 2002
Re: Wanted - Kick Start Lever -- Fantic 305 - 1990 -- kevinmceneny at btopenworld.c o m

March 30, 2002
I am looking for all technical informations and for some spare parts for this bike. It´s a 155cc wich has been sold in 1983 as model “350” in Germany. I can find nothing about this :o(
There are lots of infos about types 300, 301 and so on, but no 350.
Thank you -- Dirk -- dirk.sandmann at

March 22, 2002
I have a little minibike that I don't know what year or size it says broncco...
See Fantic Forum

March 17, 2002
Do you have any info and parts to help me rebuild my Fantic Bronco so my little girl can enjoy the bike as much as I did...
See Fantic Forum

March 11, 2002
Have just purchased Fantic 201 83/84, does anyone know where I can get a manual for this bike, also does anyone know where i can get a MASTER CYLINDER or a repair kit make MAGURA for my Fantic 201. -- Thanks -- Alan  -- AlnBoug at

March 3, 2002
There are somebody here, who can help us to find the instruction for a Fantic 50 motorcycle. Please send your answer to t.g.frankfurt at

February 17, 2002
Parts for sale:
Please post these on your Fantic web site for me, thanks for a great site,
Fantic GT, Super T, or Cabby, barrel and cylinder head, both brand new, £70.
E-mail sportsmoped76 at

February 12, 2002
Bonjour les amis, Un nouveau site Français sur Fantic Motor à l'adresse 404
Je salue les passionnés Italiens de la marque, sur tous les sites.
Rendez vous sur les E-mail. fanticmotor at

Sheldon's lame translation:
Hello friends,
There is a new French web site about Fantic Motorcycles: 404 I have greetings for all the impassioned lovers of this italian marque. -- fanticmotor at

February 12, 2002
Hi, can anyone help? I need to have a Cabbie 50 TX94 aged by it's chassis No. is there a club or register authorised by DVLA that could do this for me? Any info would be much appreciated, Ta Carl -- head-theheads at

February 8, 2002
Hi, there is a new web site "Historic Register Fanticomotor" for Fanticmotor - Caballero fans at: [404] -- Thank You -- caballero at

February 6, 2002
Fantic moped ( must be UK model ) Caballero, Gt , Gt super 6 , Ti 6, Super t , Chopper........
If you have one of the above for Sale please e.mail me ( Cash waiting ) .........
Also Wanted Cimmati Kaiman special.... Or kaiman .....
Thanks -- Alex -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

February 1, 2002
Hi, there is a new web site for Fantic Motor fans at
Thank You -- Vix -- vixtp at

January 31, 2002
I recently purchased a 1996 Fantic XM Caballero 125 with a missing chain and broken Clutch lever. If anyone can help me find out what the Chain size is for this bike and where I can get a correct replacement clutch lever I would be very grateful. I tried chain size 520 110 link and it was not right I really want to get this bike running for my kids. -- Thanks -- Mike -- excelsus at hotmail.c o m

January 24, 2002
Is anyone selling a 91 K-roo 250? I so please contact me at sayntmatt at aol.c o m Also I would be interested in the air cooled bikes i.e. 245, 305, 307 etc. Thanks.

January 16, 2002
At the moment I have a Fantic motorcycle it is a 240cc made in 1987 with disc brakes front and back also in good condition. I am having trouble finding parts as I need a new throttle cable as it sticks. I was hoping some one could pass on some information. Also if anyone wants to buy it it is for sale contact 07950714730 or H0798 at another.c o m

January 14, 2002
Fantic Caballero 6 speed for sale restoration done goes really well. Need space quick sale £ 500. See my previous add and photo further down. -- Simon -- sinkinson at

January 9, 2002
I have a Moto Beta. I need some help with it. It is called a Bebe also. Its an Italian classic. Almost in working condition. I need some help with finding a carburetor that will work with it. PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!! ..... BGW at THANKS!

December 20, 2001
Now for sale rc125 95% original parts fully restored its taken years to get it together . Enclosed are a couple of images which don't really do it justice , it now has some side panels and looks as good as the day i bought it in 1980. Please e-mail if you are interested.
mad Ted -- Microgit at aol.c o m
p.s. I am always prepared to help with any technical questions

Fantic GT TX01.jpg
Fantic GT TX01

Fantic GT TX201 Frantic.jpg
Fantic GT TX201 Frantic

December 11, 2001
Fantic GT TX 201
Looking for L/H and R/H toolbox covers for this bike. -- Thanks -- Paul -- krusty at

December 6, 2001
Paris, le 6 décembre 2001
Un bonjour de France. Je suis le possesseur d'un Fantic 125 Clubman de 96 transformé en coach après l'achat d'une selle double. J'ai un problème de joint spi sur la fourche (upsidown) et désire récolter le maximum d'informations sur la partie mécanique de cette moto. Je suis intéressé par tous les documents existant sur le sujet (manuel d'atelier, livret du propriétaire...). J'aimerais aussi que tous ceux qui connaissent bien cette moto me donnent des tuyaux la concernant. Mon email : thierry.noir at

Sheldon's lame translation:
Hello from France. I am the owner of 1996 Fantic 125 Clubman modified with the purchase of a double saddle. I have a problem with the fork (upside down) and wish to collect as much information as possible on this mechanical part of this motor bike. I am interested in any documents on the subject (workshop manual, owners manual...). Anyone having more information on this motorcycle please e-mail me. My email: thierry.noir at

November 29, 2001
Hello! I am writing for my brother-in-law, who has a 1978 model 312 moped, serial #3001-327. He needs a static coil and a throttle cable and a shop book. Can anyone help? Thank you Beauby at aol.c o m

November 22, 2001
Un bonjour de la seine et marne en France.
Tout d'abord je dois dire que ce site est superbe. Tous les fous de Fantic, comme moi doivent passer des heures sur le net à lire en détail tous les e-mails de ce site. Dommage qu'il y est si peu de français. Je ne possède pas de Fantic malgré que ce soit ma marque préférée et de loin. Je compte bientôt créer mon site oû les Fantic prendrons une place importante. Pour l'instant je suis à la pêche à l'information, aux photos, aux docs qui pourraient compléter ce site. Tout ce qui concerne les Fantic seront les bienvenu.

Je suis à la recherche d'un 125 de 1983 couleur rouge phare carré, alors si vous êtes vendeur envoyez moi un e-mail à : ericperard at hotmail.c o m les photos, docs techniques, me ferait plaisir.
Une question, est ce qu'il y a une rencontre Fantic en France?
Bye, et encore bravo pour le site -- Eric, fou de Fantic --

Sheldon's lame translation, if I am not close please let me know:
Hello from the Seine on Marne in France. First of all I must say that this site is superb. All the other insane fans of Fantic, as me must spend the hours on the Net to reading in detail all e-mail of this site. It's a pity that there if little French. I do not have a Fantic although it is my preferred mark by far. I hope that I will soon restore one myself. For the moment I am fishing for information, photographs and documents for this site. All that relates to Fantic will be welcome. I am looking for a 1983, 125, color red, square headlight. If you have one for sale please e-mail to: ericperard at hotmail.c o m Any technical photographs or documents would also please me. Does anyone know if there is a Fantic meeting in France? Bye, and still cheer for the site -- Eric, insane of Fantic -- eric Pérard -- ericperard at hotmail.c o m

November 13, 2001
Hi Chris here.
Will swap side panels from GT/Caballero for Super T exhaust pipe. I already have the makings of a Super T x2. Anyone interested please contact me on Mark at

November 10, 2001
Hi, I am starting to restore a 1972 Fantic Chopper and a 1977 Fantic supersix. For the Chopper I am looking for front mudguard, grips, white pedals, decals, rear sprocket and any new parts to replace my rusty ones. The supersix needs exhaust, clocks, switch, loom and again any new parts I can find, good price paid. -- cheers Steve. -- steve at

November 7, 2001
I'm looking to buy a Fantic moped from the 70 know the 6 speed item. any condition. will mobile....07730321627........thks -- grim reaper -- krusty at

November 6, 2001
I will soon have side panels for sale , to gauge the interest and many would be needed please E.MAIL me ...the type would be the triangle ones .. suit 49cc . -- regards -- Alex Hinder -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

November 4, 2001
I have just bought 2 Fantic minibikes and need pictures to assist in the restoration. thanks, Mike Wojeski -- poohbear-0642 at hotmail.c o m

October 30, 2001
Hi I am looking to buy a Fantic 200 or 240 good bad or ugly South East UK but will travel. -- Best regards -- Nick Heane -- NHeane at aol.c o m

October 23, 2001
Always had good service in the past from Pems of Rochdale for Fantic spares. Very helpful and good mail order service. They have an advert in the Trials and motocross news. -- Heath -- r2wtrials at

October 19, 2001
I bought a Fantic GT in 1975 and had it for 4 years in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. I know this is a long shot , but does anyone out there own it now, the reg was JJR 107N.I would like to think it was still in one piece. If you know anything about it please mail me . I am also thinking of buying and restoring a GT , again if anyone can help mail me. Thanks in anticipation -- Doug Campbell -- Dugiec at btinternet.c o m

September 26, 2001
I am looking for a front wheel and spindle for my Fantic caballero 125cc 1978, I had a slight run in with a post and this is all I need to get it back on the road after a few repairs. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Please reply to RikHamm at aol.c o m

September 23, 2001
I am restoring a 1977 Fantic super six and looking for the following parts to finish, Complete exhaust, Clock set (speedo,rev counter etc), Tank badges (Fantic motor)' Air intake hose, Side panels,Etc,etc,
If you can help with any parts please contact me. -- Steven Phillips -- steve at

September 3, 2001
Hi, I would like to buy a Caballero or (GT) Gran Turismo 6 speed to restore or completed circa 1972 - 1980 UK registered as moped. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.
teresa.roberts2 at ntlworld.c o m
Ian Roberts

August 20, 2000
Can someone help me with some technical info for a Fantic 350cc bike? I am after the specs for the carburator and ignition system and any other info. The engine number is: 010010. You can e-mail me at: andy at -- Thanks for your help

August 19, 2001
I'm looking for a Fantic Motor's photo model 50cc of year 1973 or 1974, with a blue tank and two Italian flag tripes an the two sides (red, white, green). A lot of thanks. -- Riccardo Bettoncelli. -- ricbet at

August 16, 2001
Subject: recherche piece de moto Fantic motor 49.9 cc et 80 cc
pour la 49.9 cc pignon de boite a vitesse 1 pignon de 25 dents et 1
pignon de16 dents et pour la 80 cc il faut une chemise
un piston et une culasse et les joints pour les 2

merci de bien vouloir m envoyer les prix et
je vous donne mon adresse regisvercasson at aol.c o m merci

From Sheldon: Now French... my family's native tongue. Haven't really spoken it since I was 7 years old, but I will do my best:
Subject: Need parts for my Fantic 49.9cc and 80cc motorcycles
For the 49.9cc bike I need 25 pinion gear and 16 pinion gear, for the 80cc bike I need piston and head. Could you please send me prices? My e-mail address is: regisvercasson at aol.c o m Thanks

August 13, 2001
My husband is trying to restore a moped my deceased father gave him. He is looking for a Dell'orto sha 14/12. The bike was made by Fantic Motor in April of 1976. The serial number is 2002213.
Please let us know whether or not you can help. -- Thank you. -- Pat Steiner -- raygn1 at hotmail.c o m

August 11, 2001
Looking for a carburetor kit for a concord xke 20. Carburetor is dell'orto sha 14/12 . The bike was made buy Fantic motor 4-76 s/n 2002213 -- thanks -- Pat Steiner -- raygn1 at hotmail.c o m

August 7, 2001
Could anybody help me identify a smart little 50cc bike that I have just got hold of. It has the chassis no ch 50274, and 2 Fantic type 50cc engines with it, 317362 & 002004. Any help would be greatly appreciated such as pictures, info etc, so that I can restore the bike. Many thanks, -- Trevor. -- trevor.hickey at ntlworld.c o m

August 7, 2001
Hi Guys.
I am looking for a 1990 Fantic 245 piston kit D, E or F. Any one got one, and other parts for same for sale ?
Thanks, Ralph -- rackstraw at

August 6, 2001
Fantic Bronnco go-kart
I would like to know any info on this kart. -- Chrislapel at aol.c o m

August 4, 2001
I would really appreciate any help in identifying the model and age of my Fantic motorcycle. The engine no. is FM403 and is 249.4cc. The frame no. is DGM513200M.
Thanking you in anticipation, Steve -- SSLACK945 at

August 11, 2001
Looking for a carburetor kit for a concord xke 20. Carburetor is dell'orto sha 14/12 . The bike was made buy Fantic motor 4-76 s/n 2002213 -- thanks -- Pat Steiner -- raygn1 at hotmail.c o m

August 7, 2001
Could anybody help me identify a smart little 50cc bike that I have just got hold of. It has the chassis no ch 50274, and 2 Fantic type 50cc engines with it, 317362 & 002004. Any help would be greatly appreciated such as pictures, info etc, so that I can restore the bike. Many thanks, -- Trevor. -- trevor.hickey at

July 30, 2001
Dear Sheldon,
Would you please place an ad for me as follows:
For Sale Fantic RC 125 1981, one owner from new ,1700kms, restored about 90% original, powder coated frame, ready for the road or classic enduro.
e-mail enquiries to microgit at aol.c o m
thanks Mad Ted

July 20, 2001
Hello, my name is Kenny Burrough Jr. I live in the USA. I have a very old mini bike that I rode when I was very young. I am now trying to repair the bike for my daughters. I know it is a two stroke engine but the only identification numbers I can find are:


I am interested in engine gaskets, carburetor gaskets, a US dealer and technical information on the engine and bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Burrough -- burrough at ezwv.c o m

July 19, 2001
I have a Fantic motors Broncco TX 10.0 4 hp Apera motor Minibike...
See Fantic Forum

July 15, 2001
In my youth I had a 1976 Fantic GT (4speed) and am now looking for another, or more likely one to restore. Any ideas would be appreciated. Whitey1 at

July 10, 2001
Hello I've bought a 49,6 cc Fantic moped can someone tell me anything about it??? -- Tom Vegelien -- tom.vegelien at

July 9, 2001
I have a Fantic Roma 50cc (1975 Model, blue, Motori Minarelli engine with Dellorto SHA 14.12 carb, pedal start, 3*10 inch mag wheels, seat post/saddle seat arrangement) moped which was my first bike bought for me as a kid in 1980. It has been stored for 20 yrs and I would like to restore it and put it back onto the road.

But I am not having much look finding parts, as it seems this model it pretty rare. Can anyone help?

1. Fork seal kit
2. New seat (the dog ate the original)
3. Piston rings
4. Exhaust
5. Brake shoes front/back
6. Speedo drive (from front wheel)
7. Any spare engine parts
8. Rear light lens

e-mail jamespennington at compuserve.c o m or james.pennington at
Yours faithfully
Fantic FAN

July 9, 2001
I'm looking for tech docs for a Fantic motor type FM 350. -- Cedric MANOUVRIER -- cedric.manouvrier at

June 22, 2001
Can you please help me, I just bought a Fantic bike for my son. I was told it was a 250cc, the only markings I can see on it are FM 237. I am not working at the moment and am short of funds. the clutch is slipping and I can not find where to get spare parts for it, could you please help me in any way. I am in Scotland. Thank you -- DSTK7 at aol.c o m

June 17, 2001
Hi, I recently bought a Fantic trials bike and am not sure of model or year. The frame number is stamped DGM52345OM and also has another number on it, *36407670*. The motor is stamped Fantic 249cc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Dwight -- ddeyamp560 at aol.c o m

June 10, 2001
Hi I own from new a Fantic Caballero 50cc it was my first bike which has been collecting dust for the last 20 years, we have recently cleaned it up and because of a covering of oil it is ibn surprisingly good condition, unfortunately the engine has seized up possibly from a lack of use. I need help to repair or rebuild or possibly sell if you have any information please Email -- Carolmichael at

May 29, 2001
Fantic 303 series 2 1988
A friend is looking for a workshop manual and/or certain details. If you have a manual for sale or you can help with these details please contact me. Bob, my friend, would ring you if preferred.

What petrol oil mixture is correct?
What is the correct grade of gearbox oil?
Front forks. Are they gas or air?
Rear mono shock absorber- what is the correct pressure?
If you can help please do so or if you can point me in the right direction.

Mick Wainwright Leicestershire UK -- bwainwright at

May 11, 2001
I need some information about the bike described below:

Fantic Caballero 80 Signorelli Replica 17HP Competition Version
Date of Production '82 or '83
Minarelli K6 Engine
Dell'Orto Roundslide Carb, diameter 26mm

I need to know the correct sparkplug heat range and the jetting specs for the carb. Any other tips are welcome, too! The bike is running, but since so many people have "worked" on it in the last 15 years....
Thank you
Frank, Germany
fsteinwender at

April 24, 2001
subject FANTIC Type 403 Engine no. 2494 CC 0001117. I am looking for spare parts for a.m. bike. Specially a complete clutch system would be helpful. Furthermore points, condenser and coil.
Please contact us email polytec at
Polytec GmbH
Dietlindenstrasse 15
D-80802 Munich - Germany
Telefone: +49-89-3226099
Telefax: +49-89-3234104
Telex: (+41) 5213966 glob d


New Add

1975 Fantic Cabellero 50 moped 6 speed. Restoration nearly finished. Mot,d goes well.

See photo

Will swap for clean purple Yamaha FS1E or AP50

UK bikes only 02380 812047 Hampshire -- sinkinson-thatching at

April 27, 2001
For sale
Ffantic motor ( motor minerelli ) moped
model xke20/ concord
mfg. 3/80
ser no. 0001099
runs good! needs brake cable, speedo cable, brake lever
make offer or might trade for an American moped that you can still get parts for.
jim wisinski -- smokstak at

April 27, 2001
Wanted side panels for caballero 50cc ( triangle type ) also set of plastic white mudguards, back light bracket, plastic hose from back of carb to air box ... can enyone help with these parts ... please e.mail me thanks ... ALEX HINDER  -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

April 19, 2001
Hail, I am called Pino and alive in [Italia] to Rome. I Possess [n°] 1 [Fantic] Caballero [motor] 50 MIK [cc] 26 Regularity House, restored, [cilndro] and piston and saddle of the enduro Competition, [carburetor]

from 26, Ydrocross dampers, perfectly [funzionante] with book Code. £. 1.500.000-

[n°] 1 [Fantic] Enduro [motor] Replica 50, with motor 75cc [Fantic], completely restored, rubbers and new mudguards, powerful, book £. code 2.000.000

- [n°] 1 [Fantic motor caballero] 125 Regularity Competition of the 1979 restored, perfectly [funzionante] with plate and documents regular £. 2.000.000

For possible telephone communications +39065030446 House, +390659885951 Office- 0337 397781 Cellular.

Giuseppe -- caballero.mik at

April 14, 2001
Hello, I need crank and rod kit for 84 240 Professional trials bike. This is a very nice bike, I don't want to part it out. Will buy whole motor if necessary. I'm in Waterford, Michigan U.S.A. Thanks in advance to all who reply. --  Jeff Cole -- jcoless427 at hotmail.c o m

April 14, 2001
Maybe we could help the Fantic Pilots with parts???
Fantic Zentrallager -- Pandikow at

April 14, 2001
I have gotten a hold of a 1970 Fantic TX6 Broncco, it is almost complete....
See Fantic Forum

April 10, 2001
As a part of my ongoing collection clearance I have a couple of Fantics to sell.
One is a 1975 Fantic Caballero, 50cc, red with white mudguards. The other has alloy wheels and looks just like a Super Six but has a four speed engine. If you're interested, and live in the UK, drop me an e-mail.
I'm also selling off Garelli Tigers and Rekords, a Puch M125 and Gileras. -- Cheers, Brent

June 22, 2001
Brent just let me know that the bikes are now sold -- Sheldon

April 4, 2001
I have a pretty complete 1978 125 Caballero RC which I am currently giving a little much needed attention. I am not sure that my life requires such a potent 125 but the bike obviously was made with some attention to detail and I intend to bring it up to a presentable and working level. For the sake of convenience I would be interested to buy a side or center stand for this bike else i will have to make one and information on side panels. I know there is bound to be difficulty with these but maybe someone has made some copies.
When i bought this bike ten years ago it had had a gearbox meltdown and I managed to find a complete set of internals to rebuild it. Subsequently I found the gearing of this bike to render it unusable suggesting the internal ratios were perhaps from a trialbike .I never rode it before i repaired it so i had nothing to compare. The gearbox output sprocket is a 12 tooth and the rear wheel sprocket is a 60, if any 125 owners with the RC motor could advise me on their ratios i would be grateful. I will regear obviously but it may be tall in first and short up in sixth. Any information will be gratefully recieved. -- Rich, -- Leicestershire -- RMoss115 at aol.c o m

March 30, 2001
Hope someone can help me.
I'm looking for a set of Fantic mudguards (plastic) for a Fantic Caballero 50cc moped. Also looking for the rubber hose (from the back of the carb to the air box), and as always side panels. If you can help me please e-mail me. --  Alex -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

March 3, 2001
Looking for any info on Fantic 60 cc 2 stroke model N. TX-11 year 1971. Broncco mini bike. Look...
See Fantic Forum

March 3, 2001
For Sale 1981 Cabby 125Rc Enduro With full road Kit. Great Condition Ideal for classic enduro comp
Very Very Quick
Southampton England

April 5, 2001
Cabellero 125rc now sold no more calls please.....................

February 10, 2001
Dear sir,
Great site, for us Fantic nuts. I owned 2 Fantics during 1977, a Fantic Chopper and a Fantic Super T.
I'm now trying to find these models to buy and restore, any info would be appreciated,
Thanks, Andy. -- MrAndyCarter at

January 27, 2001
For the last 20 years i have been the proud owner of a Fantic Caballero 125 Enduro. Before that I had a Caballero 50cc moped. still in its original condition I am trying to get the bike back on the road after a 15 year absence.

I Believe the bike was imported when I bought it but with no log book I can't be sure of year of manufacture ( can anyone help ).

I need a gearshift oil seal and if anyone knows the gearbox oil quantity that would be great as when I fill it to the oil level plug the motor seems to run really sluggish as if it were over-filled.

Fantic Motor TX150 DGM OM
Frame No 0009203
Engine No 0001749 CR
On the side panels say Regolarita Competizione 125
Any info would be great.
Paul - Lifelong Fantic enthusiast -- pauldearlove at

September 14, 2000
Does anybody know where I can get a coil for a Fantic motor moped? The model# is xke25, its the concord series. there is a part number on the coil, it is 6317. please email me at visions03 at msn.c o m

September 1, 2000
Hi guys, I presently own a1981 Fantic rc125 enduro I have owned it from new and have had it in bits for ages. I had previously owned 2 50cc cabs one 4 speed the other 6 in their day they were the nuts. Anyhow, what I'm after is some possible info regarding parts I have either lost or must replace through wear and tear. Most important , and I see I'm not alone is some side panels, and rear shocks (Sachs air). I know the bike fairly well and would be glad to exchange any information I have. -- all the best -- Mad Ted -- Microgit at aol.c o m

August 29, 2000
I'm looking for Fantic parts for a 1990 Fantic 250. Can anyone help? -- Eric Chandler -- echandler at kc.rr.c o m

July 24, 2000
We have a Fantic Motorbike/Moped built in March, 1980. We are rebuilding the engine and need to know the oil to gas mixture for the engine. We believe it is a two cycle. The nameplate on the motor is motori minarelli. We could use any ideas on how to locate an owners manual. Thank you for your help and assistance. -- garobezap at

January 8, 2001
I have a Fantic 275 about 1982 and can not find any one to supply some parts. I require a coil 2& side panels, brakes can you advise me please. -- David OHare -- davidohare at

January 7, 2001
I ran across your page, and was thinking about buying an 95 Fantic you know if there are parts available ? Can you get them in the US or could you direct me to someone who has info on the bike or anything I would be very grateful.
Thanks Mike T -- mtbiker1 at hotmail.c o m

December 22, 2000
My name is Joseph Klein from Israel. I have Fantic Caballero 125 83'...
See Fantic Forum

December 10, 2000
I have a Fantic Tx 190 and 3 Aprillia's rc with Minarelli engines. Where can I find 80 cc engines liquid or air-cooled?
Jos Wauters -- joswauters at yahoo.c o m

November 30, 2000
Please help me, I was given my Fantic by my ex-employer, he told me it was a 350cc, however I don't know if he was right or not. it is a mono shock, the electric box between the ht lead and the kick start is made by Ducati, it has no ignition (it is a simple kick-start) it is white and orange (in its original colours). The problem is that I don't know what model it is, or even if it is a 350 there are no markings to tell apart from the Fantic motors logo, please help so that when it needs new parts , I know what model/engine size and roughly when it was produced, any help you can provide would be phenomenal. Tony Giles -- e-mail me at tonygiles81 at hotmail.c o m

November 21, 2000
Wanted FANTIC T1 50CC Moped. Must be pre-1977...
See Fantic Forum

November 19, 2000
Enduro classic est une societe specialisee ds la vente aux particuliers de pieces detachees pour motos tous terrains anciennes.
nous avons rachete le stock de pieces de l ancien importateur Fantic pour la france la ste dip nous pouvons fournir de nombreuses pieces pour tous modeles de Fantic de toutes les annees!
vente par correspondance reglement par cheque ou cb
TEL 04 72 46 28 09
FAX 04 72 46 24 29

Enduro Classic East is a company that specializes in the sale to private individulas, of parts for old cross-country motocycles. We have purchased the stock of the former importer of Fantics in France. We can provide parts for many models of Fantics of every year. Ours is also a mail order business. We accept payment by check or credit card. -- Enduro-Classic -- enduro-classic at
TEL 04 72 46 28 09
FAX 04 72 46 24 29

November 16, 2000
Bonjour a tous,j'ai un gros problème je possède une Fantic Caballero 50cc de 1997 a refroidissement liquide...
See Fantic Forum

October 30, 2000
pics taken oct 2000 of my caballero model is 1975 50cc moped, this is taken on the smoc stand at the motorcycle mechanics show Stafford UK. -- Fantic fanatic -- ALEX HINDER -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

October 29, 2000
Information Required on a 1974/75,Fantic TX-150 cc Enduro. Specially Tuned engine,Frame No TX-150-DGM 134250M, Data required on where to obtain parts ,and information needed for Restoring this bike and History needed on type. --  scratch -- gazc at

October 15, 2000
I am looking for a coil for a fanatic tx250 if u can help me please email me at: walkie at

October 10, 2000
Hi !
The 50cc air-cooled engines was much used by small national manufacturers. Here in Norway the " Tempo Tiger " of the mid 1980`s used the 4 ratio manual gear version. The " Fantic " Motorcross style moped, from about the same period, used a 6 ratio version.

The two engines are interchangeable, but the " Fantic " had the intake manifold slightly angled to the right. There are still a few of those lying around although they are getting rare on the road now.

The bottom ends looks very similar to the later " Motron " liquid cooled things.

I currently use a 1985 " Tempo " with a six speed "Fantic " slightly tuned ( Its still 50 cc! ) engine. It is the ultimate fit and forget/always start first kick/just add petrol-(mix) foolproof transport it was meant to be. Only fault, the clutch has a tendency to bind when left standing for lengthy periods ( It wants to get out every day ).

Hope this information could assist someone trying to restore some rare gems out there!

M. Tøsse, Norway -- magne.toesse at

October 2, 2000
It's a while since I have written here about my Fantic. U can find couple stories about it in the bottom of this page. Nowadays it's in our summer cottage, in the eastern part of Finland, and it works ALMOST properly. There is quite a lot of new parts, but I don't need it any more, so if somebody is interested about it, throw me with e-mail...
Teemu Hirvonen, Finland
PS. my new e-mail address is hirvitys at hotmail.c o m

October 1, 2000
I have a Fantic bike, engine number Fantic 403 249,4c.c.#004629#, frame number Fantic 403 DGM 51320 OM. Does anyone know the year of manufacture and the model of the bike please? Where can I get a workshop manual for it? This is my first bike ever so I need all the help in the world! -- Richard -- evelyn.rodia at ntlworld.c o m

June 29, 2001
Hi everyone, just to say thanks for all the help I was given when I was trying to make my Fantic roadworthy, thanks to you, I was able to do so and have now sold it on in exchange for a bigger bike. And to anyone who needs any help, . Thanks again, Richard.

September 14, 2000
Does anybody know where I can get a coil for a Fantic motor moped? The model# is xke25, its the concord series. there is a part number on the coil, it is 6317. please email me at visions03 at msn.c o m

September 1, 2000
Hi guys, I presently own a1981 Fantic rc125 enduro I have owned it from new and have had it in bits for ages. I had previously owned 2 50cc cabs one 4 speed the other 6 in their day they were the nuts. Anyhow, what I'm after is some possible info regarding parts I have either lost or must replace through wear and tear. Most important , and I see I'm not alone is some side panels, and rear shocks (Sachs air). I know the bike fairly well and would be glad to exchange any information I have. -- all the best -- Mad Ted -- Microgit at aol.c o m

August 10th 2000

Hello from France. I have several Fantic 50cc, caballero mik 26 from1979,1982,1997. Fantic caballero 125 from 1981 and 1997 and two choppers 50 and 125. I wish to finish my 125 chopper and need some help in finding some parts from you all around the world. Air filter and battery box with lids is what i need most of all. I can give some information on certain models from 1970 to 1982 except trial models

beyond 80 cc that I don't have. -- dominique Andre -- dominique.andre3 at

July 24, 2000
We have a Fantic Motorbike/Moped built in March, 1980. We are rebuilding the engine and need to know the oil to gas mixture for the engine. We believe it is a two cycle. The nameplate on the motor is motori minarelli. We could use any ideas on how to locate an owners manual. Thank you for your help and assistance. -- garobezap at

July 21, 2000
I'm looking for lubrication maintenance information on a Fantic Pepi 25 moped. Specifically I'm trying to identify what lubricant goes into the crankcase and whether or not that oil is additionally used for oil injection into the combustion chamber. If an oil injection system is not used in this machine, what would the oil-gas mixing ratio be? -- Joseph Poradzisz -- jporadzisz at

July 14, 2000

July 7, 2000
I bought this moped used in the late 70's. Until recently, I have had little to no trouble with this bike. Here is the problem: I can't get any spark. I've tried a new plug and anything else I can think of. I have no owner's manual to refer to, so I need help.

It is a Concord Moped XKE made at Fantic Motor in Italy. The engine is a Motiri Minarelli. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. Contact me at mot at forspeed.c o m

June 21 2000
Hello from France. I have several Fantic 50cc, caballero mik 26 from1979,1982,1997. Fantic caballero 125 from 1981 and 1997 and two choppers 50 and 125. I wish to finish my 125 chopper and need some help in finding some parts from you all around the world. Air filter and battery box with lids is what I need most of all. I can give some information on certain models from 1970 to 1982 except trial models, beyond 80 cc that I don't have.-- Dominique Andre dominique.andre3 at

May 15, 2000
Can anybody give me info. on a gocart made by broncco"fantic motors" "aspera motors" cart was made between 1968,1969...
See Fantic Forum

February 24, 2000
Hello there,
It seems I've doomed to live here in the land of snow and midnight sun, Finland. I've got a book, that includes a picture about Fantic motorcycle equipped for driving in the snow. The front wheel is replaced with a ski, etc. I'd like to find such a creature to buy or at least to get detailed information about the construction to create one myself.

Has anyone got information about this construction or maybe one to let go for a reasonable price ? I'd be delighted of anything considering this subject. Please surprise me by email at ladybug at .

Regards -- Tapsa -- Tapani Hollming

January 7, 2000
I have just purchased a Garelli Tigercross moped 1974/75 model. Its in excellent original condition, only 800 MILES FROM NEW, not yet run in this bike has been stored for I suspect about 20years+. This is a I suspect properly one off the lowest miles example in the world.
I don't want to sell this bike
but will swap for a very clean
Fantic: caballero, super t , ti
all you garelli fans dont miss this once in a lifetime oppertunity !
JOHN J. -- johnjay at

December 30, 1999
I have a 1970 Fantic motor mini bike. It has a bronco motor on it. It is the motor that came with it. It is a 2 cycle motor on it. Can you give me some information on it? It was made in Italy, my name is Kirk. -- Kirk170 at aol.c o m

December 25, 1999
Have you photo of the my first MotoCycle ? Fantic Motor 125 Strada (1983) Red
Email me, please
Alex Matteoli - ZX-6R -- 11767 at iname.c o m

December 19, 1999
I am Matthijs and I am from Holland, I own 3 Fantic's. A Caballero (90'er) An Oasis and a Raider..
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December 14, 1999
I've just purchased a Caballero, to help finish my 1975 model...
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December 13, 1999
I have a Fantic which I would like to identify and possibly sell. It is a 50cc engine model (sp6/4182) mot number 01007 and frame number tx-94 dgm 11206om. It has high level exhaust and Del'orto shb19.19b.
Many thanks, -- Brian Waters -- shaundra at

December 12, 1999
I have a minibike called a Broncco TX7...
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December 2, 1999
Disturbing News from Italy
From: Agostini Team [mail-to:assistenza at agostiniduilio.c o m]
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 12:54 PM
To: Sheldon Aubut
Subject: SA: Re. Sorry

Soon after receiving your last E-mail, my system crashed and I've been off-line for over two weeks, so I'm sorry I didn't reply to your last missive on the Fantic subject. Anyway, consider me a candidate for membership of the FOG, although I can't subscribe to the list whilst my computer accessibility is limited to work. Maybe when I get my own computer at home, I'll subscribe.

Was down at Barzago (home of Fantic factory) on Saturday getting a couple of bit'n'pieces, and rode past the factory. Sad to see it closed definitavely; hope my ride to work past the Guzzi plant never follows the same theme...

All the best,

The Fantic factory is "Closed"? As in shut down, out of business, not making bikes anymore???? Oh my... What is the story?
Sheldon Aubut

I'm no expert, but it's an 'on-and-off' story. They closed down several years ago, only to re-open with a new range of trial bikes, all water-cooled singles in 50cc, 80cc, 125cc and 250cc guises (I think), using the Minarelli engines, and with new money; some kind of a co-operative, if I'm not vastly mistaken. This was about five years ago. They were really good bikes, but competition is extremely fierce here, and they went bust again. They closed definatively about three years ago, and the factory is now in disuse. It's literally falling down, which is a real shame. Someday, I'll go down on my Fantic Caballero, and get some photos as the outside of the factory is emblazoned with a massive 'Fantic Caballero' sign. 'Caballero' incidentally means 'gentleman' in Spanish.

Can give you possible best world contact for Fantic spares:

Viale Rimembranze 14,
23890 BARZAGO (LC), Italia.
Tel/Fax: - 39 031 860212

Tell them I put you (or anyone else) onto them. They are good guys, and they are like us to Guzzi, ie. main dealers in the same town as the factory, but the difference is that when the factory closed for the first time, they bought up the entire stock of spares, so it's incredible what they have.

Have to go; loads of E-mails to catch up on.
Ciao for now,

I'm new to this e mail thing and key board this has taken ages to type any way Its to tell you I sell spares for Fantic, Garelli, and Gilera mopeds and motor cycles.
I have web site 404

Regards Bob Wright -- bob at
Bob Wright Motor Cycles
4 Orchard Street
Weston Super Mare
North Somerset, England BS23 1RQ
TEL : 0 1934 413847
FAX : 0 1934 642221

I have got a Fantic pathfinder (1972) I can not find any information about it on the web can you help me i live in the UK, where can I buy parts for it. I need just to do a few jobs on it, thanks for you help HOW MUCH IS it worth any idea. Thanks, Steven Lewis -- stevarni at btinternet.c o m

November 3, 1999
RE: Wanted any reasonable condition Fantic Caballero 1976
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Help me please. I need parts to repair my Fantic-Motor FM 1381-Pony BW can you tell me where I can get some? -- TTrefzer at

April 19, 1999
My name is Maxime (Max for my close friends) and I live in Belgium.
I bought last year a 93' Fantic Caballero 50cc, water-cooled....
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February 1, 1999
I have a 1970 Fantic Broncco TX7 that I would like to get running....
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January 30, 1999
Waaaagghhh! Utopia - other Fantic appreciators...
I have a Fantic Caballero Regolarita '4m 50cc from 1976...
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November 26, 1998
Nowadays my Fantic has a little problem: It doesn't start. I've checked everything, but it doesn't work. But when I opened magnet (or what might it be called!?) and changed the wires, it started, worked few minutes normally, and then stopped just like that, without warning... Maybe it takes ground somewhere... Well I just have to keep cool and try to fix it... Teemu Hirvonen, Finland

From Sheldon: Can anyone help Teemu?

In 1985, I got my first motorized two-wheeler in the form of a Bronco Fantic mini-bike....
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I don't have any photos of my own Fantic, but I found this photo from the web. My Fantic is from 1985. I paid it 800 mk( about 145 $) There is 10 inch. tyre in the back, and the forward is 12 inch. It's little higher than Honda monkey and Suzuki PV. The engine is Minarelli P4E, and the carburetor is Dellorto 14.9 SHA. The engine has quite a lot of power, and the velocity increases quite fast, and the engine's got power to burn.

The fuel tank is about 5 litres. My Fantic goes about 60 km/h because the carburetor has been drilled from 9mm to 14 mm. -- Teemu Hirvonen

Hello, I'm Claudio an Italian Boy. I have bought a motorbike 'Fantic Oasis 50'. I look for any information on this motorbike.
Can you help me?
goodbye Claudio. ccampenn at

From: Adrian Bratschi

I need to know where I can buy in Italy clutch disks for a Fantic "Issimo". ...
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My son has a 1978 XKE Concord,...
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