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The Fantic company really started making a name for themselves in trials in the mid '80s when French star Thierry Michaud picked up a couple of world trials championships for them. Our University club had Fantics for a number of years, first a 156cc, later a 240cc Fantic started the revolution in trials bikes, when they initiated considerably lower weight with their smaller engines. At the time the leading Bultaco and Montesa bikes had typically 350cc, and longer frame geometry. I really loved the Fantic! The GasGas company started taking over when they contracted magician Jordy Tarres. Interesting to see that in the trials world the riders have so much influence on development and success of the bikes!
Guus (Guz) Duijvestijn DoD #1691 guus at
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Sat Nov 20 2010
Workshop manual
Fantic K Roo
I'm in need of a workshop manual for 1991 K Roo
New Zealand

Sun Oct 17 2010
fantic section 250 1996
im looking for a coil for my fantic section 250 if anyone knows were id be able to get one from would you please be able to email me robelliott2k7 at
cumbria ,u.k

Fantic Section 250 1996

Fri Sep 10 2010
piston et kit bielle
je veux acheter un kit bielle et piston trial 200 fm350
svp aider moi a trouver un piston et un kit bielle
RENNES (35)Fance

Fri Aug 06 2010
sammy-tam<AT>msn.c o m
fork seals
fantic section 250 1995
hi am looking for a set of fork seals for a Fantic section 250 1995 can eny 1 help thanks tam

Mon Jul 12 2010 Fantic Fantic section 250
hi i was just wondering if anyone had a manuel or wiring diagram for my Fantic 250 section

Wed Apr 21 2010
fantic 250 section 1996
hi i was just wondering if anyone had a manuel or wiring diagram for my Fantic 250 section

Sun Aug 09 2009
pink-2001 A T
fantic 245 parts 212cc
245 245
i have some Fantic 245 spares i know thease fit other models like 303 and 305 i have the complete engine electrics exhaust no silencer air box carb and swingarm some other small bits and bods like 303 front disc cover and rear and rear hub with disc posibly more loking to sell the lot for right price the piston went in the engine scores the barrel (repairable) and head is pitted and big end has gone every thing else is in good working comdition

Thu Apr 30 2009
Danman10270 A T aol.c o m
Piston wanted
Fantic 240
Fantic 240 piston wanted size d,e,or f.Also any other parts or projects.

Thu Feb 26 2009
andyblack62 A T hotmail.c o m
fantic 200
can you help me locate a kick star pedal for the Fantic 200 forward kick

Sat Nov 22 2008
rachael554 A T btinternet.c o m
Fantic 403
is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke? and do you have any additional specs?

It's a 2-stroke. Will post specs when available. Ed.

Thu Aug 28 2008
markyboi A T hotmail.c o m
Fantic 240
Hello there i am after a front wheel clutch plates rear wheel piston and barrol for my Fantic 240 hopefully you can put me in the right dircition for these bits thanks Mark

Thu Apr 03 2008
louisbeeckmans A T
fantic 200
anyone know where i could get an exhaust

Sun Mar 16 2008
rongomes69 A T
Fantic Trial
I have a Fantic Trial which I like to have more info on. I bought it off a 2nd hand dealer. The bike runs well. The only issues are I like to get the original air filter, and maybe the rear cover and seat as it is a bit damage. May consider selling if the price is right.


Wed Apr 02 2008
stiffskimmer A T hotmail.c o m
Fantic 301
Fantic 304
I need fork seals and rear brake pads

Wed Mar 26 2008
garry.proffitt A T ntlworld.c o m
spares needed or bike
fantic 300 pro
would like some Fantic 300 spares, outer engine cases, fork staunchions, kickstart, mint set of wheels or complete bike
staffs uk

Sat Dec 29 2007
jack-bloter A T yahoo.c o m
fantis manual
fantic 303
can you gat a manual for a Fantic 303

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Nov 16 2007
paul.bailey154 A T
Fantic trials
Fantic TX 403 Mono shock
breaking for spares Fantic TX 403 Frame no.2916 Engine 2494
Bournemouth England

Sun Sep 09 2007
daveylish A T
fantic full tank plus carb 240 model
fantic 240 year 1981 plus
can you help .looking for Fantic 240 full tank plus carb for my bike must be in good condition.

Tue Aug 28 2007
emma-butterworth A T
Fantic 203 restored
Fantic 203 1988 model
75% restored Fantic 203 fantastic little bike .
UK Cumbria


Tue Jul 03 2007
hale.paul A T
Parts needed
Fantic 243
Does anyone know a parts supplier for Fantic 243 trials bike.


Mon Feb 26 2007
andybuckworth A T
Fantic 240 or 300
Hi Can you point me in the right direction for buying a 240 or 300 Fantic please.
UK, Yorkshire

Mon Feb 19 2007
alexander A T
Clutch master cylinder
Fantic Section 250?
Hi I bought this bike for my 14 yr old son, paid £900, it's been completely rebuilt and goes really well apart from the clutch.
I suspect it's the master cylinder as I can hear air ingress at the cylinder when I pull and release the lever clutch lever. What's likely to be wrong with it?
Where can I get a repair kit?
We live in the Scottish Highlands.

Wed Jan 31 2007
two468 A T
For Sale in US - Fantic 300 Professional
1984 Fantic 300
Unrestored, complete bike in fantastic shape - great for a collector. e-mail for link to photos
California, USA
Fantic 300 1984 lhs.jpg
Fantic 300 1984 lhs

Mon Jan 08 2007
joseatdg A T aol.c o m
K-Roo 91 parts
Fantic K-ROO 1991
I would lika to know how to buy some parts for my K-roo in the USA
Texas USA

Fri Dec 22 2006
mrmanewman A T
new Fantic
240 trials with a 310 engine ??
can anyone tell me where i can get a maintenance manual for this bike . i need help with , does it have points ? where can i get carb jets anyone got a flywheel puller
can anyone tell me where to get parts like points or carb jets

Mon Dec 11 2006
rogerg A T
Paint code
Fantic 200 Trials
Can anyone please tell me the correct red paint code for a 1981 Fantic 200 Pro

I have been unable to find a source for Fantic paint codes, Roger, although there are a few paint manufacturers who list paint codes for other makes - it may be worth dropping them a line. I've listed them here:

Fantic 200 Pro 1981 rhs.jpg
Fantic 200 Pro 1981 rhs

Wed Nov 29 2006
tooboocoo A T
what model is it
fantic trials bike
serial#*38405790* can you tell me what model this bike is by the number i supplied thank you

Wed Nov 29 2006
mike A T
Fantic Section 1995
Looking for parts:
1 Intake manifold rubber (carb to cylinder)
1 Chain tensioner block
1 Air Filter
1 Float bowl O-ring
1 main jet holder gasket
1 Airbox drain rubber
1 O-ring for #70 jet
I don't have any pics of my bike, but the �95s were black with a bit of orange. I think in �96 they became red and blue.
Hope this helps.

Tue Nov 07 2006
crispin A T
fantic 240
I have had this bike from a year old and now dont get the time to use it at all. It is in very good condition and has had little use (very little use). i would like someone who would appreciate it to have it, so could anyone please advise me the best way of selling it so i no it would go to good use. many thanks, crispin 07789914054

Wed Oct 11 2006
isabelle.bruno A T
I Sale a Fantic 125 RC year 1978. Pictures and details on request.
The bike is a Fantic RC125 Cabalero Type FM150
Fantic Cabalero RC125 1978 2.jpg
Fantic Cabalero RC125 1978

Thu Sep 14 2006
chris.dar-fanticmotor.cdf A T

Fantic trials
I've got a little Knowledge about Trial Fantic. If I can do something for you.
Just passion

Mon Jul 17 2006
wynmoto A T
Spare Parts
249 Fantic trials 1999
Hi there
My Name is Janelle from Wynnum Motorcycle Accessories in Brisbane Australia. Where in Australia would we find pistons etc for the above bike. Is there a distributor of Fantic parts in Aus. Any help you could give would be great. thanks janelle

Sun Jul 09 2006
kier-gossa9 A T hotmail.c o m
1988 Fantic motor 249cc, 303 model
hi, do you have any idea where i could get hold of a rear shock obsorber pivot arm, for my Fantic please get back to me if possible, thanks a lot kieran.

Sun Jul 02 2006
gregsusy A T
cooling fan and metal shroud
1994 k-roo
i need a cooling fan and shroud for a 1994 Fantic k-roo. can anyone help me ?

Wed Jun 14 2006
raire19 A T
fantic 403
we have just bought a Fantic, the only tag on the scooter says 403. bike has a single shock. where can we find out more information
thanks, ron

Fantic 403 TX4.jpg
Fantic 403

Wed Jun 14 2006
jorgen A T gtcinternet.c o m
Parts source
1989 Fantic 305 Trials
I am looking for a parts source for a 1989 Fantic 305, specifically, a kickstart lever.

yes, here is one of each side. Yesterday I put a 250 Ducati shift lever on
the start shaft as it has the same spline, but this is a temp fix at best.
Thanks & Regards, Dave

Fantic 305 Trials 1989 rhs.jpg
Fantic 305 Trials 1989 rhs

Sun May 21 2006
teamted563 A T hotmail.c o m
fantic 200cc+ mono shock
im in need of a forward kicking kick start for the above model ? not sure what bike it is .its 200cc plus and mono shock .it must be a forward kicking kick start can anyone help in uk ? call me 07932 423636

Fantic Trials Monoshock.jpg
Fantic Trials Monoshock

Tue Jan 24 2006
willie A T
Fantic Section 250cc
Hi I am wondering if anyone out there could let me know if they have a diagram of the wiring for the above bike I think it is a 1995 model

Wed Sep 21 2005
chris.dar-fanticmotor.cdf A T
Fantic trial
Hi, I have a web personal site about Fantic trial 240 professional 1981. This site is in french language :

Fantic 240 Pro FM450 1981.jpg
Fantic 240 Pro FM450 1981

Aug 04 2005
summerchick-247 A T hotmail.c o m
fantic 150 trial bike
hi i was wondering if you could help me. i bought my boy friend a Fantic 150 trial bike it wasnt in very good nick and i payed £330 for it. please could you tell me if that was a good price. and we are trying to finish doing it up, but we need some brake pads, where could i get these from? and could you tell me roughly how much we would get for it when it is all done up. thank you sophie.

Mon Aug 01 2005
drorgon2000 A T yahoo.c o m
fantic 240 triel bike
i own a 83 Fantic 212cc triel bike just like in the picture in this site "ben 240 Fantic" ,i need a manual in order to fix it and maybe someone can tell me where can i buy spare parts , olso need a spare part list
thank you

Tue Jul 26 2005
robparker03 A T hotmail.c o m
Hello i have just recently purchased a Fantic 250 tralis bike, its front and rear discs air cooled with mono shock but i am not shure what modle this is, it has fm 363, 212cc stampped on engine. I was told it was a 1987 is this right? and are there any workshop maunuals for these bikes? avalible?

Sun Jul 24 2005
www.amanda A T
fantic 249 section
hello i need a new rubber exhaust seal the one that goes between the exhaust and the rear silenser if it is still avalible could you please let me know how much it is the bike is a 1995 model

Mon Jun 06 2005
jasonpcplod A T hotmail.c o m
How to remove exhaust system on Fantic 240 ?
Please could anyone tell me how to get the exhaust off my Fantic 240? many thanks jason

Tue May 31 2005
Untalenteds A T yahoo.c o m
1989 305 Fantic
My fork busted right by the nut, cant seem to find any parts and wondering if I need the whole hydralic pioece also or if it detaches contact if know of or have part.

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
subject: subframe
Email: aterrimus at
message: Hi,I have a Fantic 250 Section/1995/ I am looking for subframe for this bike.

Tue, 22 Feb 2005
subject: Fantic 250 TX trial
Email: rr35v8 at
message: I'm selling a Fantic TX 250 trial 125 cc of 1979 in excellent conditions, with regular documents and a gold certification of italian ASI. If someone is interested can send a mail at rr35v8 at

September 17, 2002
I have a 240 Trial and am looking for owner manual and detailed technical information. If any clue, please mail me to: jalguero at Thanks

August 31, 2002
I have a 1984 Fantic 240 trials twin shock in great running condition!
Taking best offers.
Live in Rhode Island USA.
Will send picture if interested!
Mark Stamp -- mstamp at

August 24, 2002
I am looking for a kickstart shaft (the splined shaft that goes into the cases) for a Fantic 240 Professional. Thanks, Steve Day, Iowa Fall, IA. -- sday at cnsinternet.c o m

August 22, 2002
I Just bought a Fantic trials bike, it was made in 1994/95 the last owner tells me. the frame number tells me its a FM364? but what model is it? I have not been able to find one only a 301 or a 240 etc. I need a few bits and bobs as they say, is there any where in England that still stocks bits, also I'm after some tech info/data on the bike so I can strip it down and rebuild it any help is appreciated
Thanks -- Nigel -- N.Farr at btinternet.c o m

August 15, 2002
Can any on help me? I want to register my Fantic kroo for road use can any one tell me how to do this. -- mtelectrical at

August 8, 2002
I have a 1984 Fantic 300 Professional Trials. I need to find the following spare parts for it.
Front/Rear brake pads
Clutch plates
Do you know where I could find these parts?
Trent Webster -- stwebster at

August 6. 2002
I'm looking for engine parts for, Fantic 80cc trials bike I think year of manufacture is 1980/ 82 Engine number * 001103* frame number DGM430 OM . I NEED , barrel & piston kit and inlet manifold, has all these parts are missing--- I would consider complete engine . any help or info appreciated. -- Anton -- at ntlworld.c o m

August 6. 2002
I,ve just bought a Fantic 80cc trials bike , Engine number is * 001103* frame number DGM 430 OM. I think year of manufacture is , 1980/82. I require a barrel, piston kit & inlet manifold , has all these parts are missing. would consider complete engine any help appreciated."please " contact -- Anton -- at ntlworld.c o m

July 22, 2002
I have a 90 Fantic 305, If anyone knows of a supplier for a workshop manual, I sure would be happy to find it. Is there any supply houses, are they still in business? -- Thanks, -- Greg Schubel -- triumphryder at

July 17, 2002
Hello, I own an old trial type FM350,157cc, enginenr 0007771,framenr 0006765. Can anyone tell me the year of construction ore other info? thank you. Kenny de weerdt BELGIUM -- ann.vanlaer at

July 13, 2002
Had quite a few Fantic trials bikes in the past but unfortunately never had any hand handbooks/manuals ,but if you visit there is link/e-mail address to a chap called John Hulme in England who sells and collects trials bike brochures some of which are quite detailed perhaps these could help. -- macc.trials at

July 10, 2002
hello , i'm looking for a muffler , Fantic 250 ; 1994, happy to hear from you soon !! bye bye every one ! maceo.park at

July 9, 2002
Can anyone help me? I have just acquired a trials bike I believe its a Fantic 240 Pro. Having stripped down the engine I've discovered that the gear on the back of the clutch basket is knackered, can anyone help please --- drewtait at

Fantic 50 Serie5 Trials 1989.jpg
Fantic 50 Serie5 Trials 1989

July 1. 2002
I'm looking for an engine repair manual, exploded parts diagrams, or any written information for a 1989 Fantic 50,5. I need to freshen the motor up but have no info on what to expect when I open it up. I also need parts sources.
Any help is appreciated. -- Markus Müller -- markus at

June 30, 2002
Found interesting page on the Norwegian internet: All Fantic Trial bikes with pictures:
Markus Müller -- markus at

June 30, 2002
I am another new member to this list, I have a twin shock Fantic 300, does anyone have/or know where, I can get an ignition stator for this bike , it is on a ducati backplate. -- Cheers -- Eric gourlay  -- ebgourlay at

June 12, 2002
I have a Fantic ?. The only details that I have are the following numbers
a. Engine type FM 350 electronic ignition 6 speed
b. FM 250 DGM3283GS.
I'm presuming that it is a 350cc although I've been told they did not make a 350cc.
Any info or sourcing of spares appreciated
Chris Parsons -- ae0ohnosc at bhp.c o m

May 22, 2002
Could you please let me know what sparkplug is fitted in a Fantic 80 trails and where I could get spare parts for it. -- David Boon  -- spider at

May 15, 2002
Hi. i have a Fantic motor 364, it has disc front and back and mono shock. I think its a 1990 or older. If anyone does have any parts please email me. -- thanks Ben uk -- BenPedley at aol.c o m

May 13, 2002
Hello folks,
I was made a site for the Fantic motor at url (geocities)
goodbye -- falda2 at

April 30, 2002
Hello; I'm sitting here with a pal of Mine who has a 1990 305; have you had any luck yet?. He needs to strip the engine as well. Drop us a line if you get anywhere; cheers -- Brian.Lloyd12 at btopenworld.c o m

April 21, 2002
Hi my name is Ben this is me on my Fantic 240 trials pro but it has had an engine transplant sometime in its life it has got the newer 300 series engine. Any body know were I can get a lighting kit for the bike an info please -- contact bjrespect at aol.c o m

Fantic 240 Trials Ben.jpg
Fantic 240 Trials Ben

April 11. 2002
I'm looking for an engine repair manual, exploded parts diagrams, etc. for a 1989 Fantic 305. I need to freshen this motor up but have no info on what to expect when I open it up. I also need parts sources.
Any help is appreciated. -- Matt Palmer -- mpalmer at medcanica.c o m

April 8, 2002
Re: Wanted - Kick Start Lever -- Fantic 305 - 1990  -- kevinmceneny at btopenworld.c o m

March 30, 2002
I am looking for all technical informations and for some spare parts for this bike. It´s a 155cc wich has been sold in 1983 as model �350� in Germany. I can find nothing about this :o(
There are lots of infos about types 300, 301 and so on, but no 350.
Thank you -- Dirk -- dirk.sandmann at

March 23, 2002
I have recently started to re build my Fantic 156cc 1986 trials bike. i know of a parts dealer in Rochdale, Lancershire, England. the shop is called Pems motorcycles. I am searching for any information, pictures, parts books etc anything really if any one can help please e-mail me at mat at or you can visit my home page at Geocities [404] cheers Matthew, any info i get will be posted on my home page. -- mat at

March 20, 2002,
I have a trials 212 monoshock front disk part cable operated bike I believe it is a progress 200 can you help with any information, spares etc thanks William. william at

March 16, 2002
Could someone please help me,i have just purchased a Fantic trials motorcycle 156cc and have been told its a trials 200 model 1982. I need to know as much as possible about this bike. Thanks A. Hughes -- jt001b9705 at

March 12, 2002
I have the following Fantic 300 Trial pars for sale; side panels mint condition, second hand piston & rings, clutch cover. I also have good supply of tank stickers for 125/200/240/300, engine diagrams, tech data, parts books.
WANTED: any Fantic Trials Brema clothing, any Fantic trials memorabilia.  I have good knowledge of all Fantic Trials (twinshock) models.
PETE email: jcprintinfo at aol.c o m

March 11, 2002
Have just purchased Fantic 201 83/84, does anyone know where I can get a manual for this bike, also does anyone know where i can get a MASTER CYLINDER or a repair kit make MAGURA for my Fantic 201. -- Thanks  -- Alan -- AlnBoug at

March 3, 2002
Subject: 240 Fantic Parts Books + Tech Data
Have copies of 240 Fantic parts books, inclusive of tech data sheet available. Email me for further details. novelty22 at hotmail.c o m

February 12, 2002
Hi, can anyone help? I need to have a Cabbie 50 TX94 aged by it's chassis No. is there a club or register authorised by DVLA that could do this for me? Any info would be much appreciated, Ta Carl -- head-theheads at

February 9, 2002
I intend to buy a 92 FANTIC KRoo 250.I was wondering if anyone had any advice on problem areas to look out for when buying one of these bikes second hand. I would be greatful for any replies. PLEASE!!! send replies to okeeffev at

February 8, 2002
Hi, there is a new web site "Historic Register Fanticomotor" for Fanticmotor - Caballero fans at: [404] -- Thank You -- caballero at

February 6, 2002
Fantic moped ( must be UK model ) Caballero, Gt , Gt super 6 , Ti 6, Super t , Chopper........
If you have one of the above for Sale please e.mail me ( Cash waiting ) .........
Also Wanted Cimmati Kaiman special.... Or kaiman .....
Thanks -- Alex -- fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

February 2, 2002
You can get almost any Fantic trials parts from Bill Pye, Frankfield Garage, Great Ayton, Middlesborough, North Yorks, UK ts9 6bz 01642722378, but he is a little bit expensive!!!!!! -- David -- lt250rdave at

February 1, 2002
Hi, there is a new web site for Fantic Motor fans at
Thank You -- Vix -- vixtp at

January 31, 2002
I recently purchased a 1996 Fantic XM Caballero 125 with a missing chain and broken Clutch lever. If anyone can help me find out what the Chain size is for this bike and where I can get a correct replacement clutch lever I would be very grateful. I tried chain size 520 110 link and it was not right I really want to get this bike running for my kids.  -- Thanks -- Mike -- excelsus at hotmail.c o m

January 24, 2002
Is anyone selling a 91 K-roo 250? I so please contact me at sayntmatt at aol.c o m  Also I would be interested in the air cooled bikes i.e. 245, 305, 307 etc.  Thanks.

January 16, 2002
At the moment I have a Fantic motorcycle it is a 240cc made in 1987 with disc brakes front and back also in good condition. I am having trouble finding parts as I need a new throttle cable as it sticks. I was hoping some one could pass on some information. Also if anyone wants to buy it it is for sale contact 07950714730 or H0798 at another.c o m

January 14, 2002
Fantic Caballero 6 speed for sale restoration done goes really well.  Need space quick sale £ 500. See my previous add and photo further down. -- Simon -- sinkinson at

January 9, 2002
I have a Moto Beta. I need some help with it. It is called a Bebe also. Its an Italian classic. Almost in working condition. I need some help with finding a carburetor that will work with it. PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!! ..... BGW at THANKS!

December 5, 2001
Hi, my name is Ben and have just bought a Fantic 240 trials I am trying to find out its bhp. Will some one please get back to me on this?  -- bjrespect at aol.c o m

November 28, 2001
I am the owner of a 1995 Fantic Section (orange & black) and I'm looking for a set of replacement decals. Failing that any decals from a 1994 - 1996 Fantic trials bike would be better than nothing. Any help much appreciated Contact e-mail: grant at raisley.c o m  (Grant Finney)

November 19, 2001
Does anyone out there have a pair of tank badges and sidepanel graphics for my 240 ??? I have a Lintek replica sticker kit for a 300 Fantic still sealed in the bag if useful to anyone. -- Heath -- r2wtrials at

November 7, 2001
Just started an MSN community, that may be of interest to anyone who has a t/s Fantic trials bike (300 sales brochure already posted there).
The url of the site is : -- Chris -- Komakino at btinternet.c o m

November 6, 2001
I will soon have side panels for sale , to gauge the interest and many would be needed please E.MAIL me ...the type would be the triangle ones .. suit 49cc . -- regards -- Alex Hinder --  fanticfanatic at hotmail.c o m

November 4, 2001
I have just bought 2 Fantic minibikes and need pictures to assist in the restoration. thanks, Mike Wojeski -- poohbear-0642 at hotmail.c o m

October 30, 2001
Hi I am looking to buy a Fantic 200 or 240 good bad or ugly South East UK but will travel. -- Best regards -- Nick Heane -- NHeane at aol.c o m

October 27, 2001
Anyone looking for help with Fantic t/s trials, in south of england, please contact me direct, or post message on my Yahoo group (url posted on this board) -- Chris (Southampton) -- Komakino at btinternet.c o m

October 23, 2001
Always had good service in the past from Pems of Rochdale for Fantic spares. Very helpful and good mail order service. They have an advert in the Trials and motocross news. -- Heath -- r2wtrials at

October 21, 2001
WANTED; Any info or a manual on Fantic Trials Motorcycles.
Frame; DGM51320
engine Fantic 403
Would like to know about year/ engine size etc.
TELEPHONE Joe on; Norhern IReland, (028) 3834373 or Email; CCENGINEERing at AMSERVE/NET

October 19, 2001
I bought a Fantic GT in 1975 and had it for 4 years in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. I know this is a long shot , but does anyone out there own it now, the reg was JJR 107N.I would like to think it was still in one piece. If you know anything about it please mail me . I am also thinking of buying and restoring a GT , again if anyone can help mail me. Thanks in anticipation -- Doug Campbell -- Dugiec at btinternet.c o m

October 16, 2001
Hi my name is mark and I'm from the UK. I have just bought a Fantic 305 250cc 2 stroke trials bike. It is a good runner but as the engine gets hotter it starts to knock on the top end. I think that it needs a top end bearing and it could do with a piston kit. The bike is also for sale if anybody is interested write to me on markdavis1983 at hotmail.c o m

October 14, 2001

October 11, 2001
Hello, my name is Terry and I have just acquired a Fantic Trials Bike.  I am not sure of the year of manufacture. It is a 125 Trials Tip Type. I don't know if you have heard of it. My question is that it needs new brake shoes and a new clutch and I wondered if you know of a dealer near the south coast or any that might be in England where I could purchase the said items? Many Thanks -- Terry Gregory --  gregorys at

October 6, 2001
Is Fantic still in business. I was thinking of buying a used 1992 trials bike, but don't want to if parts aren't available. Thanks -- AUTOFASHIONS at aol.c o m

September 26, 2001
Hi There
Just thought I would share with your website that I ride a Fantic 200 t/s trials bike, and my 10 year old son has just taken delivery of a 1995 125 Section. Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting spares for either of these two bikes.
Regards Lee Whitehead -- wildwood at ntlworld.c o m

September 26, 2001
I am looking for a front wheel and spindle for my Fantic caballero 125cc 1978, I had a slight run in with a post and this is all I need to get it back on the road after a few repairs. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Please reply to RikHamm at aol.c o m

September 23, 2001
I am restoring a 1977 Fantic super six and looking for the following parts to finish, Complete exhaust, Clock set (speedo,rev counter etc), Tank badges (Fantic motor)' Air intake hose, Side panels,Etc,etc,
If you can help with any parts please contact me. -- Steven Phillips  -- steve at

September 3, 2001
Hi, I would like to buy a Caballero or (GT) Gran Turismo 6 speed to restore or completed circa 1972 - 1980 UK registered as moped. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.
teresa.roberts2 at ntlworld.c o m
Ian Roberts

September 1, 2001
Have just opened a Yahoo group, concerned with Fantic trials bikes: [404]
Feel free to visit and post anything to do with Fantic trials. I am also looking for any Fantic spares for 240 and 300, also air-cooled monoshock. Finally does anyone have a good condition 200 t/s for sale? --  Chris -- Komakino at btinternet.c o m

August 27, 2001
Good Day
Who Knows which 50ccm Trail Fantic had a 8,4ps Motor six speed & years they where made ?
Thanks for any Answers
Email: redblood50ccm at

August 20, 2000
Can someone help me with some technical info for a Fantic 350cc bike?  I am after the specs for the carburator and ignition system and any other info. The engine number is: 010010. You can e-mail me at: andy at  -- Thanks for your help

August 19, 2001
I'm looking for a Fantic Motor's photo model 50cc of year 1973 or 1974, with a blue tank and two Italian flag tripes an the two sides (red, white, green). A lot of thanks. -- Riccardo Bettoncelli. -- ricbet at

August 16, 2001
Subject: recherche piece de moto Fantic motor 49.9 cc et 80 cc
pour la 49.9 cc pignon de boite a vitesse 1 pignon de 25 dents et 1
pignon de16 dents et pour la 80 cc il faut une chemise
un piston et une culasse et les joints pour les 2

merci de bien vouloir m envoyer les prix et
je vous donne mon adresse regisvercasson at aol.c o m  merci

From Sheldon: Now French... my family's native tongue.  Haven't really spoken it since I was 7 years old, but I will do my best:
Subject: Need parts for my Fantic 49.9cc and 80cc motorcycles
For the 49.9cc bike I need 25 pinion gear and 16 pinion gear, for the 80cc bike I need piston and head. Could you please send me prices?  My e-mail address is: regisvercasson at aol.c o m  Thanks

August 12, 2001
Hi there
Just wondering if anyone would like to give a loving home to my 80 cc Fantic trials bike. It is 1990/91 with full sized wheels, unregistered, new tyres, chain and sprockets, fork sliders, brakes. Unridden for 4 years, up until then ridden by my son of 10years old. Excellent condition, very light use.
Phone or e-mail and make me an offer over £600.00. e-mail roywfuller at aol.c o m , Phone 07802 306939 Roy. Leicester area.

August 7, 2001
Hi Guys.
I am looking for a 1990 Fantic 245 piston kit D, E or F. Any one got one, and other parts for same for sale ?
Thanks, Ralph -- rackstraw at

August 6, 2001
Fantic Bronnco go-kart
I would like to know any info on this kart. -- Chrislapel at aol.c o m

August 4, 2001
I would really appreciate any help in identifying the model and age of my Fantic motorcycle. The engine no. is FM403 and is 249.4cc.  The frame no. is DGM513200M.
Thanking you in anticipation, Steve -- SSLACK945 at

August 2, 2001
Hallo an Alle,
ich fahre eine Fantic Section 249, Bj. 95. Ich bin auf der suche nach einer deutschsprchigen Bedienungs- und Reperaturanleitung. Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen???? -- Christian -- christian.bauer at

From Sheldon: Argh, German again.... Someone let me know if my translation is off:
Hello all,
I have a 1995 Fantic model 249. I am looking for a service manual for this motorcycle. Can anyone help me? -- Christian --  christian.bauer at

July 28, 2001
Hi, having just purchased a Fantic 250 trials, can anyone help with some info. Frame no.36302078, engine no.FM363.
Can anyone tell me what year this was built, and what the exact engine size is. What size sprockets should be fitted, and the correct chain ?  Have not got the bike running as of yet, it has sat in a shed for over 2 years, but does not appear to be in too bad condition. Thanks.  -- Nigelryoung at aol.c o m

July 16, 2001
Hello, I own a Fantic trial 50cc (opened to 80cc) with six gear-drive; I don't know the year it was manufactured; maybe the Framenumber 0001385 Fantic 330 DGM 19132 OM and the motor number 0010238 helps to identify the year of producing it. I need all information you can get me about this bike or addresses where I can get parts for it (exhaust, cylinder etc.) thanks for help.
Greetings Reinhard -- Reinhard.Pfandl at

July 9, 2001
I'm looking for tech docs for a Fantic motor type FM 350. --  Cedric MANOUVRIER -- cedric.manouvrier at

July 9, 2001
FANTIC 301 TRIALS 1986/7
Hello, could you help with a starting problem? The bike is a 250cc Trials 250cc TYPE 403 with electric ignition. The bike will not fire up. I have tried everything, even Easy Start. All I get is a back-fire thru the exhaust. It seems like the timing is out. It has electronic ignition, I think behind the flywheel. What problems can occur with this? I have not looked inside yet. Any info or advise would be appreciated.
Regards -- Dave S. -- David.Seldon at

June 22, 2001
Can you please help me, I just bought a Fantic bike for my son.  I was told it was a 250cc, the only markings I can see on it are FM 237.  I am not working at the moment and am short of funds. the clutch is slipping and I can not find where to get spare parts for it, could you please help me in any way. I am in Scotland. Thank you -- DSTK7 at

June 21, 2001
I have technical data/parts books/sticker sets/engine diagrams/second hand
parts for Fantic - twin shock trials models,
please email me for details

p.s excellent site for Fantic fanatics, pete  -- JCPRINTINFO at

June 17, 2001
Hi, I recently bought a Fantic trials bike and am not sure of model or year. The frame number is stamped DGM52345OM and also has another number on it, *36407670*. The motor is stamped Fantic 249cc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Dwight -- ddeyamp560 at

May 29, 2001
Fantic 303 series 2 1988
A friend is looking for a workshop manual and/or certain details. If you have a manual for sale or you can help with these details please contact me. Bob, my friend, would ring you if preferred.

What petrol oil mixture is correct?
What is the correct grade of gearbox oil?
Front forks. Are they gas or air?
Rear mono shock absorber- what is the correct pressure?
If you can help please do so or if you can point me in the right direction.

Mick Wainwright Leicestershire UK -- bwainwright at

May 8, 2001
My best English: (I'm from Mexico) I have a kroo 250. Last month I ran out of brakes and I cant find the parts for the caliper, the cooling system hasn't been working very well. If somebody knows where to find peaces or parts in the u.s.a. please write me to: arteagasbkr-club at please I live in coahuila below Texas, in Saltillo Coahuila

May 3rd 2001
Hello, my name's Oil and I'm looking for a rear wheel for my Fantic 205. I think the 305 is the same. I'm a Fantic trials nutcase - does anyone know any good trialsing websites? E-mail me at chipoil at

April 24, 2001
subject FANTIC Type 403 Engine no. 2494 CC 0001117. I am looking for spare parts for a.m. bike. Specially a complete clutch system would be helpful. Furthermore points, condenser and coil.
Please contact us email polytec at
Polytec GmbH
Dietlindenstrasse 15
D-80802 Munich - Germany
Telefone: +49-89-3226099
Telefax: +49-89-3234104
Telex: (+41) 5213966 glob d

April 28, 2001
I'm looking for some color photos and information on an 80cc Fantic trials bike? If any information is found please reply to thesteelworks at

April 20, 2001
I trial a 240 twin-shock Fantic, and Frankfield is the person to contact if you need to know anything about 80s Fantics. He has a web page Fantic motors or phone 01642 722378.
I am after side panels for the 240 any ideas.......Swiftymew at

April 14, 2001
Hello, I need crank and rod kit for 84 240 Professional trials bike. This is a very nice bike, I don't want to part it out. Will buy whole motor if necessary. I'm in Waterford, Michigan U.S.A. Thanks in advance to all who reply. -- Jeff Cole -- jcoless427 at

April 10, 2001
Re: Fantic 80
Does anyone know what year or model trials bile would have this serial
number? S/N 000215c. Any help would be appreciated.... --  Mack808 at

April 10, 2001
Subject: 90 Fantic 247 trials
I , like most of the letters in your site need to find parts for my bike and are having a hard time locating any at all. This season is rapidly approaching here in Colorado and I have to find parts. Can you point me in any direction?? Please help -- Chris Spannagel -- cspann1502 at

January 25, 2001
I'm a trial rider from Austria and my bike is a 1996 Fantic Section;  I like the bike very much, but I don't know very much about my suspension, only that the fork is produced by Marzocchi. If anybody knows more about this topic or something else interesting about the bike please tell me;
Thank you everybody, -- Martin Ehrenreich -- martin.ehrenreich at

January 8, 2001
I have a Fantic 275 about 1982 and can not find any one to supply some parts. I require a coil 2& side panels, brakes can you advise me please.  -- David OHare -- davidohare at

January 7, 2001
I ran across your page, and was thinking about buying an 95 Fantic you know if there are parts available ? Can you get them in the US or could you direct me to someone who has info on the bike or anything I would be very grateful.
Thanks Mike T -- mtbiker1 at

December 15, 2000
I have a Fantic KROO 250 trails bike SN 36407831. The kick-starter broke off right at the end of the motor. I have the new shaft to replace the broken one but do not have a manual. If anybody could give me some advice as to where I could find a manual or could tell me how to fix it. I hate to tear into a motor that I have never been into before. I hope somebody can help me, it would make the owner of the trails bike happy to get it fixed. -- Thanks, -- Randy -- melaniebeard at

December 10, 2000
I have a Fantic Tx 190 and 3 Aprillia's rc with Minarelli engines.  Where can I find 80 cc engines liquid or air-cooled?
Jos Wauters -- joswauters at

December 6, 2000
Hello, I left a posting back in October on this site, unfortunately it had a bad email address. The bike I have has a frame number of DGM504530M, the motor is stamped FANTIC 450,212cc,002882. If anyone has any info on this trials bike, or a source for part's PLEASE email back.
Thank you, -- Jeff - meg32789 at

November 30, 2000
Please help me, I was given my Fantic by my ex-employer, he told me it was a 350cc, however I don't know if he was right or not. it is a mono shock, the electric box between the ht lead and the kick start is made by Ducati, it has no ignition (it is a simple kick-start) it is white and orange (in its original colours). The problem is that I don't know what model it is, or even if it is a 350 there are no markings to tell apart from the Fantic motors logo, please help so that when it needs new parts , I know what model/engine size and roughly when it was produced, any help you can provide would be phenomenal. Tony Giles -- e-mail me at tonygiles81 at hotmail.c o m

October 28, 2000
Hello, I just bought a Fantic trials bike. I'm not sure of model or year of this bike. The frame number's are DGM504530M and motor is stamped Fantic 450, 212cc,00 2882. If anyone has info on these bike's please respond..  -- Jeff -- meg32789 at hotmail.c o m

October 15, 2000
I am looking for a coil for a fanatic tx250 if u can help me please email me at: walkie at

October 7, 2000
I am looking for a twin shock Fantic trials bike. I have a new (never started) engine, carb, and electronics. The motor has FM285 on the side. I believe it is a 240. Looking for a bike to put it in. -- AMIFinance at cs.c o m

October 1, 2000
I have a Fantic bike, engine number Fantic 403 249,4c.c.#004629#, frame number Fantic 403 DGM 51320 OM. Does anyone know the year of manufacture and the model of the bike please? Where can I get a workshop manual for it? This is my first bike ever so I need all the help in the world!  -- Richard -- evelyn.rodia at ntlworld.c o m

June 29, 2001
Hi everyone, just to say thanks for all the help I was given when I was trying to make my Fantic roadworthy, thanks to you, I was able to do so and have now sold it on in exchange for a bigger bike. And to anyone who needs any help, . Thanks again, Richard.

April 4, 2000
Can you help me please?
Has any body got details of how to set up Fantic 240 & 360 trials bike to use unleaded fuel, as 4 star is now unable to purchase it here thank you -- wjones2329 at aol.c o m

March 3, 2000
I am restoring a Fantic trials 240. I believe the year is 1982. Any and all parts the group may have would be appreciated. I would love to get a new tank and side panels. For those of you looking for parts here is a site address for one and an e-mail for another that I have found helpful.
nuts at konnections.c o m
rmiller at
Mark Strikwerda -- Bkoupe at aol.c o m  == San Diego, California

February 24, 2000
Hello there,
It seems I've doomed to live here in the land of snow and midnight sun, Finland. I've got a book, that includes a picture about Fantic motorcycle equipped for driving in the snow. The front wheel is replaced with a ski, etc. I'd like to find such a creature to buy or at least to get detailed information about the construction to create one myself.

Has anyone got information about this construction or maybe one to let go for a reasonable price ? I'd be delighted of anything considering this subject. Please surprise me by email at ladybug at  .

Regards -- Tapsa -- Tapani Hollming

January 16, 2000
I have inherited a Fantic trials bike - I know as much about motor bikes as the average car driver! I think the model is called a "section". It was in use a few weeks before it came into my possession. But now I cannot get it to start nor does the clutch seem to operate!

Anyone know where I could get useful information - an owner's manual would be the real thing, but anything would be better than stumbling around in my garage bashing my shins on the starting pedal etc.
Thanks in anticipation -- Frank Stacey -- E. Lothian - Scotland UK -- fs at

I'm new to this e mail thing and key board this has taken ages to type any way Its to tell you I sell spares for Fantic, Garelli, and Gilera mopeds and motor cycles.
I have web site [404]

Regards Bob Wright -- bob at
Bob Wright Motor Cycles
4 Orchard Street
Weston Super Mare
North Somerset, England BS23 1RQ
TEL : 0 1934 413847
FAX : 0 1934 642221

I'm Karl in the UK
I own a Fantic 303 240cc 1987 model I think it's white yellow and blue, gas monoshock, front rear disk brakes. I have had this bike for about ten week I paid £750 this to much ?

It seemed perfect till last week when it took about 15 to 20 kicks to get it started once started and warm starts first kick every time no problem . The next day and every day when cold back to the 15 kicks before starting.....  also say for instance climbing hill 3 gear... let revs of to nearly tick over it wont set of again it stalls, but if you get past the bottom revs it flies. Possible carb settings or points I think wondered if you new any of the settings or if you no what might be my problem as there are no bike dealers wear I live?
Karl -- Fantic at

February 1, 1999
Hello, I'm a 34 year old frenchman, living in Paris. I own for many years a 82' 240 trial. As my clutch has broken down, I'm looking for a whole spare engine... -- VERETOUT ole at

Fantic Trials 303 1987.jpg
Fantic Trials 303 1987

Hello, I'm French, 26 years old, and own a Fantic Trial 303, 240cc, 1987 (blue, red and white model with front and rear disc brakes and monoshock). I have this bike since 1991 and really enjoy it. However, I have some problems now to find some spare parts like a speed counter cable, caoutchouc piece which links the carburetor and the air filter ...

In France, I didn't find any sellers, could you indicates me some ? Or could I find some used pieces ? Thanks a lot for any help.

Emmanuel Ungaro
E-Mail : Eungaro at aol.c o m
WWW : [404]
PS : I've attached a picture of my bike

We just bought a couple of Fantic Trials Bikes - a Fantic 240 twinshock and a 301 monoshock. Does anyone have any tech data sheets or spares for these machines ??? if so please mail me at:
Graham Stevens vector at

Howdy Fellow Fantic Riders, I have just finished an enjoyable observed trials season here in South Australia on my (new to me) 1995 Fantic Section. Its now time to do some off season maintenance and therefore I need to track down a reliable parts supplier. Do you deal in parts for this vintage of Fantic, or do you know of any one who does, what about in Australia? Would you have a price list?
The type of parts I'm after at present include front fork seals and dust covers, rear brake slave cylinder seals and dust cover, engine side covers, and decal / stickers.
Any information would be most appreciated.
Regards Rob Murphy murphy.rob at

If you have a query or information about Fantic motorcycles please contact us