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Bernasse Motorcycles


Place de la République Toucy - Yonne

V-twins and single-cylinder motocyclettes built by Maximilien Bernasse, c1906-1914, using engines from Deckert of Paris, among others. A c.1906 example which was part of the Guélon Collection has a single cylinder engine mounted low in the frame in front of the pedal crank, and is fitted with a Hygina central spring fork. Another machine from 1900 has a 302cc SV engine and cylindrical fuel tank.

Production ceased with the onset of war around 1914, and resumed following the Armistice. Cycles, children's bicycles, pedal cars and possibly some motorcycles were built until around 1955-56, after the death of Max Bernasse.

The Bernasse factory still exists and is in use for the restoration and display of Citroen DS automobiles.


Légère 2 h.p. 1905-1914 247.6 cc 62 x 82 mm, Zürcher IOE.

Légère 3½ h.p. twin cylinder IOE.

Sources: Bourdache p430; Guélon Collection, A. Vassiliadis.

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