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Aurore Motorcycles

20 rue du Bacon, Paris

Chéri-Henri Deckert (b.1867 †1957) had a workshop in Boulevard Haussmann, Levallois Perret, Paris, from from 1897 to about 1901.

In 1898, H. Deckert and Cie sold De Dion powered tricycles and automobiles named Aurore.

The firm built touring and sports motorcycles; Deckert engines powered the motorcycles of Échard and Magali in 1903. They were fitted to both Mayeski and Rigal in the 1904 M.C.F., and to Bernasse machines around 1906.

Production ceased in 1906, and the company was wound up in 1908.

Deckert is best known for his motor cars of which there is but one survivor - it goes under the Deckert brand but has an Aurore badge.

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