Bichrone Motorcycles



Henri Lepappe of Paris built motorcycles with their own two-stroke engines which were supplied to manufacturers. The firm was one of the first to use two-stroke engines. The machines were advertised by J.C. Hencke of London in the first edition of The Motor Cycle in March 1903. The advertisement has the line, "One explosion at every revolution, which means Power".

Also referred to as "Lepape".

Martin Shelley writes:

Hasluck describes how, "in this motor, the explosive `mixture enters from the carburetter at A, is compressed in pump B, and forced through C to the motor cylinder D". This was an idea copied from the Dolphin or Korting two stroke design and was later revived by DKW for their successful 1930s racers.

Sources: Tragatsch p87,, Martin Shelley

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