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Boulet Quadricycles

The "Quadri-Voiturette Suspendu" is rather a quaint looking vehicle, being practically a glorified quad. The frame is tubular, and the 4 h.p. Aster or De Dion motor is placed right at the rear, it is water-cooled, and the power is conveyed direct to the differential, a change of speed being provided, but no reverse. The two passengers sit in the fore-carriage, and the driver sits on a single bucket seat with a wheel steering pillar, his position being much akin to that on the Eagle tandem. Ample brake power is provided, and the road wheels are of the cycle type. The great point of the vehicle is the accessibility of the whole of the mechanism. The weight is about 5 ½ cwt., and the price is £110. In another pattern the two seats are placed at the rear, the driver's seat being on the right. The makers are Boulet et Cie, of 42 Boulevard du Temple, Park. An illustration appears below.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902. Page 340