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Dacier Electic Tricycle

In August 1899, J.B. Dacier rode an electric tricycle on the Parc Agricole d'Achères road and created a new record for the kilometer standing start of 1 minute and 2 2/5 seconds and the kilometer flying start record in 53 1/3 seconds. It has not been established whether any components of the Clerc-Pingault electric motor system were used in the tricycle’s design and construction, but it is likely given Dacier's familiarity with it.

Joseph's brother Pierre Dacier is the steersman in the BNF Gallica 1897 photograph of the Humber/Pingault-Clerc electric tandem. There were three brothers, the other being Gabriel, an artist. All had the middle name of Bernadou.

Early in the century Pierre and Joseph became dealers for the Clément brand, trading as Dacier Freres with premises at 158, Rue Montmartre, Paris. Pierre rode the Clement in the 1903 Paris-Madrid and in the Tour de France pour motocyclettes of 1905.

Joseph Dacier became the sales director for the Austral Company in 1912, and worked with Ménard in the design of the Austral two-stroke engine of 1913.

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