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Godet Triauto 1919

A Brief History of the Marque

M. Godet of Paris built the Triauto 8/10 CV in 1919 using an air-cooled Anzani twin which powered the rear wheel via a three-speed transmision and chain final drive.

Le Triauto Godet.

Paris Salon, 1919

This is an interesting experiment in three-wheelers of the type which employs a twin rear wheel. A four-cylinder air-cooled engine (52 x 90 mm.) drives a two-speed bevel wheel gear box by shaft. The gear box is located at the rear of the channel steel frame, the final drive being by chain.

The front suspension is by means of a long transverse leaf spring with auxiliary coil springs at the ends. The most notable features of the engine are the cooling and the valve actuation. A fan driven from the engine forces air through distributing cowls to each cylinder, and the overhead valve gear is operated on the lines of the Beardmore aero engine by a combined push and pull rod, the inlet and exhaust valves being returned to their seats by a common leaf spring.

The Motor Cycle, October 1919

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