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Lutetia Bicycle and Motorcycle Engines

Motorcycle engines and bicycle attachment engines manufactured by Marcel Échard of 31, Bd de Courbevoie in Neuilly-Sur-Seine. The firm was established as F Échard & Cie by his father, Felix, in 1902 and ceased trading at the end of 1904.

Felix's sons Marcel and Roland began a new enterprise under the Echard name in 1912, initially building outboard motors. By 1921, in addition to a variety of stationary and marine engines, an auxilliary bicycle engine was offered. A 100c engine was added to the range in 1923, and these were used by Louis Clément.

Lutetia 250cc two-stroke engines appeared in 1928, and were fitted to Austral PC models of that year.

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There was also a Lutetia bicycle built by André Godmard of 30, rue Moret, Paris XIe)

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