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A Brief History of the Marque

Ets. Poirier, Usine des Roches
61 Chemin des Roches
Fondettes (Indre-et-Loire)

Poirier built voiturette a volant in the 1920s, and Ydral-powered motor tricycles during the 1940s and 1950s in a variety of configurations, some with electric start.

The firm also built the Monoto from 1935 to 1963 with engines of 98cc, 110cc and 125cc. Models included MW, MW2, TW3, XW5 (Ydral AJ55), FW4, FW5, FW6 110cc ABG. These were sourced from ABG Vap, Motobecane and Ydral.

The Poirier Manulette was available with a 47cc engine.

The company still exists under the name Invacare, building wheelchairs and medical beds and as of 2014 employs 350 people.


jvbram53 at
Poirier 1960 manomoteur (hand crank)
I am trying to remove the megneto from my VAP 4 engine. The excellent diagram on this site (at shows a ring (26mm) with an external thread as well as the usual hex nut (8mm), Do i have to remove this ring first? Any tips on timing? BTW i can get the 40 x 3mm (rare) rings for this engine!
John Bramwell
Trie sur Baise
Thanks, i hadnt seen the article by Sylvie (at However, the the threaded locking ring screwed out and allowed the removal of the maneto nut and its captured washer. Now looking for a three legged puller to remove the magneto for the first time in its life! Jack
Later still...
I am trying to split the crancase of this engine in order to renew the bearings. Looking for advice on the proceedure. eg must I remove the drive pinion? clutch? How?
  • Can find no information on a Poirier 1960 manomoteur, nor anything on a Poirer with a Vap engine. Have you a photo of the machine?

Did you open the link provided? If not google Poirier tricycle. Are you familiar with AGB VAP engines? Jack

Wed Jul 29 2015
robgiles59 at
poirier 3wheeler
gday I have a poirier in Australia! Motor is sieved piston is no good. Help. Please

Sun May 01 2011
1941 yoral
could you please advise me how can i allocate a buyer for it? thank you!

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