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Socvel Scooters

Manufactured by Henry Lanoy at 6 Place Jacquart, Saint-Étienne, 1951~1954

The Sterva prototype was introduced in July 1951 with a 98cc 4-speed engine and later that year at the Paris Salon the firm presented the Stefa. The Stefa II ran a 125cc 4-speed Ydral and also used 125cc four-stroke engines from AMC, and two-strokes from Aubier & Dunne and Sachs.

The scooters had 10 inch wheels, weighed no more than 75kg and had a top speed exceeding 60 km/h.

Lanoy was also the builder of HL and Tractavant. His interest in scooters began in 1938 when he saw a prototype built by New-Map. He was also the author of a number of books on aviation and electronics including L'encyclopédie de l'électricité automobile.

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