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Leonardo Frera Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque
Leonardo Frera built motorcycles under his own name from 1931 to 1934 in the Frera factory in Tradate before using French Chaise 175 and 350 engines with Burman gearboxes, and later JAP 175 and 350cc engines along with the Turin-built Aster.

After the war production recommenced in Padua in the Via Armistice from 1949 to 1956 with an output of around a thousand motorcycles.

The first had a 125cc Sterzi engine similar to Ceccato, and other models had 150 and 175 4-stroke engines from FBM.

They also designed a 250 twin-cylinder two-stroke of which no records have survived.

Post-WWII models are believed to include: 250 Bicilindrica 250cc 1954-1956, L 125cc 1954-1957, T 150cc 1954-1957, and a 75cc two-stroke.

Source: Moto di Lombardia.

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