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Eibach Three-wheelers by Ernst Eichler

Ernst Eichler

Eichler & Bachmann G.m.b.H., Berlin NW 7, Am Weidendamm 1a.

After falling out with other members of the firm, founder Ernst Eichler left Eichler & Co to start a new company in July 1923.

Eichler produced the Eibach, a commercial three-wheeler powered by DKW and their own Eibach engines. Presented at the Leipzig Technical Fair in the Spring of 1925, the Eibach Motortransportdreirad Typ 1926 had a 4 h.p. DKW engine below the driver's seat in similar manner to the Lomos. The goods compartment was forward of the driver, above the front wheels, and had a payload of 250kg.

The global financial crisis struck two years later and both companies went under, along with a good many others.
Source: Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive.

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