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KLM Allright 680 1906 - Photo Horst Nordmann
KLM Allright 680 1906 - Photo Horst Nordmann

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Köln Lindenthaler Metallwerke (KLM)

The KLM Tiger was available for several years and in various guises. In Britain it was marketed as the Vindec Special, and in other markets as Roland, Tiger and KLM.

Engine castings on some models show both KLM and Allright marques, but it is understood that the engine is actually a Peugeot design and the French company took exception to this practice.

They also used FN engines built under licence.

In 1905 the Cologne factory had 750 employees in a factory spanning 145,000 square metres, and was producing some 35,000 bikes per annum. In 1923 the firm absorbed the Cito marque which had foundered due to rampant inflation, and in 1927 it ceased motorcycle production while continuing to make accessories.

Paul Henkel obtained the patterns and produced the machines in Suhl as the "Original Allright K.-G" until 1931, when he committed suicide after the onset of a serious illness.

Models include:
Allright KLM 2 3/4 PS 1906
Allright KLM 500 cc. 3 PS Modell 1908
KLM Allright 680cc 1909
KLM 7 PS Model 1910 1000cc.
Allright KLM 250 BJ 1924 Sport
Allright KLM Motorrad Typ C 3 BJ. 1926

Sources: Horst Nordmann,, et al.

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