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Green Motorcycle Engines

The Green Engine Co of London

The Green Engine Co was founded by Gustavus Green in London to produce engines of his design during the first decade of the 20th century. Actual manufacturing was carried out at the Aster Engineering Co in Wembley. The firm produced a range of water-cooled, in-line engines up to about 1915. Green engines powered many pioneering British aircraft, including those by Alliott Verdon Roe of Avro, and the Short Brothers

Made smaller engines for motorcycles in the 1910s

  • 1909 Produced a 35 hp motor-boat engine
  • 1910 Adapted and fitted to an Avro aircraft
  • 1919 Won the efficiency prize in the Aerial Derby
  • 1920 Shown at the International Aero Exhibition at Olympia
  • 1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
    Green's Motor Patents Syndicate, Ltd.
    55 Berners Street, London, W. Stand No. 94.

    It is several years since the Green Motor was introduced to the Shows, but it has not been idle meanwhile, as witness the aviation exploits accomplished with it. Watercooling is the Green watchword. The cylinders have copper water jackets and overhead valves. Two small honeycomb radiators are arranged, one on each side, and the water circulates naturally through these and the reservoir in the tank. The tank as a whole is made to serve as a member of the frame in place of the usual top tubes: a capital idea. Both valves are mechanically operated, and their seatings are detachable - as they ought to be. The Syndicate invite agents to communicate with them, and we understand the terms offered are very favourable.

    Source: Graces Guide

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