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Nova Motorcycles

The Méray concern was absorbed by the Hungarian Steel Factory in late 1925, and in the summer of 1925/26 they announced the Nova. Production commenced in the following spring, a well-appointed showroom was established in Liszt Ferenc Square in Budapest, and the Nova began to appear in competition.

Without departing far from the tried and true designs of their predecessor, they used Blackburne and JAP engines of 175cc to 1000cc, along with those of Méray.

In such a relatively small market sales were not brisk, and it appears that the bankers forced the fledgling firm into liquidation in late 1927.

That November, former workers from the Nova concern formed the Speed Motorcycle Factory where the remaining stock was sold off. It is likely that in total fewer than 100 Nova machines were produced.

Source: Article at magyarjarmu.hu by Pál Négyesi

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