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Brief History of the Marque

The business at via Felice Cavallotti, 14 in Vittorio Veneto was founded by Teodoro Carnielli in 1931 and produced many different motorcycles powered by JAP 175 and 200 cc engines, 500cc and 250 Rudge Python powerplants, and others with Küchen 350 and 500cc engines. Between 1952 and 1953 they built 50cc mopeds and light motorcycles with 75, 98 and 125cc twostroke engines, and also a 98cc NSU-powered motofurgone. They also used NSU engines in Vittoria 125cc motorcycles and scooters.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

Postwar, they fitted Vittoria mopeds with 48 cc Lambretta engines (1957) and also built a sports machine with an NSU engine.

1968 saw the appearance of the famous Motograziella, a foldable minibike with a Sachs 50cc engine which was very successful and remained on the market until the 1980s (or, according to one source 1979).

Carnielli Models included Vittoria 65cc 1950-1952 and Vittoria 125cc 1950-1953


In the 1920s Carnielli built Bottecchia bicycles, named for a cyclist who won the Tour de France twice.

Sources: Henshaw,

danielsamj at
Graziella 1974
Envie telefono de contacto.necesito accesorios y documtacio
Send contact phone number. I need accessories and documentation.
Mostoles - Madrid

lorenalopez127 at
Hola, necesito para mi graziella, deposito, filtro, plasticos y luz delantera, gracias
Hello, I need for my graziella, deposit, filter, plastics and front light
Las palmas de gran canaria

Sun, 03 Sep 2017
franelcolo at
Moto graziella Graziella

Hola tengo una moto graziella ala cuál le tengo mucho cariño y mi pregunta es vosotros me podéis ayudar a conseguir escándalo y la documentación de la moto gracias espero respuesta un cordial saludoFran

Zaragoza Spain

Translation: Hi, I have a motorcycle graziella wing that I have a lot of affection and my question is you can help me get scandal and the documentation of the bike thank you I hope to answer a cordial greeting

Wed Dec 05 2012
Parts of Moto Grazziela
year 1974 Grazziela
Io ho una moto Graziella che sto ripristinando. Ho bisogno di fanale anteriore in vetro (quadrato).

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Wed Jul 11 2012
Spare parts for Moped
Moto Graziella Moto G
Looking for rear tail light lens

Mon Jul 16 2012
spare parts
motograziella motograziella
I bought a motograziella and I need some pieces. For example the headlight and the carter. Can you help me to find the missing pieces? I'm french and living in Paris

Fri Feb 10 2012
Missing parts
Moto graziella garnielli cheeky boy
I am missing front headligth and taillight and a set of decals

Tue Feb 07 2012
Need parts
Carnielli Graziella Cheeky Boy
I have just started to restore mine and need some parts as headlight + some other things Where to purchase the parts

Mon Oct 17 2011
repuestos de moto antigua
graciella cheeky boy 1972
hola quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar repuestos de esta moto, sobre todo ruedas, y si no hay ,que me indicaran si hay algunas compatibles con esta moto en el mercado. gracias

Fri Oct 14 2011
Carnielli moto Graziela
buy part: hot cheeky boy
Ho bisogno comprare una Biella della moto Graziela 1974.
Rua treze de maio, 127 CP:13710-000 - Centro Tambaú - SP

Tue Oct 04 2011
Carnielli Moto Graziella for parts
For Parts or repair
Athens Greece

Tue Nov 30 2010
landriverman<at>googlemail dot com
selling my motograziella
carnielli Cheeky boy
I am looking to sell my motograziella I am trying to find out where the best place might be to sell it.

Wed Aug 18 2010
I need spares of motograziella.
Help please

Wed Aug 19 2009
sergio at sfsspain dot com
Spare parts cheeky boy
grazziele cheeky boy
I need the square light of this moto, could you help us ?

Fri May 01 2009
lafruticola at hotmail dot com

parts spare parts MotoGraziella Tipo Cheky Boy
Busco repuestos para esta motocicleta. Partes plásticas frontales, o´ticas , luces, etc.

Sun Aug 31 2008
jeanmartini at
La petite graziella cherche une famille d'adoption;faire une offre;

Carnielli Graziella Antibes

Wed Jun 04 2008 at hotmail dot com
Ficha Reducida
Moto Graciella Cheekyboy 50cc
Un faniliar me ha regalado una moto del modelo arriba indicado, pero no localiza la documentacion debido a la antigedad de esta.asa? Que me pongo en contacto con ustedes para conseguir la ficha reducida que me facilita la consecucion de documentacion a travas de la itv. Gracias por su atencion.

Sun Aug 26 2007
pepeasalas at hotmail dot com
1978 Graziella found
Carnielli Graziella
Hi everyone,
I´ve just re-discover the wonderful Graziella scooters thanks to my father who was kind enough to five me his old minibike so that I can restore it. He bought new it in 1978 for 42.000 pts (like €400) It was used as an auxiliary vehicle for his boat trips in the Costa Brava. It is green (looks like a grass hooper) and complete including the owners manual and original garantee. I´m willing to share copies of the above with other enthusiasts. I will post some pics as soon as it gets home (By sept 10)

Sun Dec 10 2006
andreaskruse59 at
moto graziella
here is an excample of a chopped graziella, with italien engine at about 55 km/h and streetproof in germany.

Motograziella Mannheim.jpg
Motograziella Mannheim

Wed Sep 27 2006
brendaroberts at hotmail dot com
need help to get headlight red covers.i live on gold coast australia.could you help bike is all red plastic no green like picture
gold coast, qld australia

Tue Aug 01 2006
rui.rodrigues at ntlworld dot com
Vittoria Lambretta 48
Hello I have a moped Vittoria Lambretta 48 but don't have any history on it, if you can help please send me an e-mail and I will send photos.

I have been told that it was especially built by Lambretta for a race in Portugal and only a few were built, Portugal was the biggest market in Europe in 1950s because of there Colony's, Lambretta built these as to prove their reliability and where hoping that Portugal would put in some orders for the new Lambretta 48, if this is true I do not know but this is what I was told in Portugal.

Kind Regards
Re the Lambretta 48 Vittoria, I came across this

It could be Carnielli

The page says in part, "In 1957, it mounts on the ciclomotori Vittoria also the motors of the Lambretta of 48 cc and produces a ciclomotore in sport version christened Solitude, with motor NSU." Ed.

Carnielli Vittoria 48
Carnielli Vittoria 48 n2

Mon Jul 24 2006
pascal.fournier at
Pièces de rechange
Motograziella 1971
Je cherche des pneus de rechange pour ma moto ?
Sorry I don't have any images. I receive it from a parents. It didn't drive since 15 years.

Sat Jun 17 2006
rpmario2002 at
Hi! i have a motograziella and I need some information in order to restore it.
Does anybody can help me? i'd like to get the owners manual and repair manual (I prefer in english)
Thanks, Mario

Tue May 30 2006
robert.pfitzner at
Motograziella Web Page

A lot information you can find on my site:

Fri May 12 2006
denis.gillet at
vente d'un réservoir
je dispose d'un réservoir de graziella pas cabossé que je mets en vente . prix à convenir.

Translation: I have access to an undented fuel tand for a graziella that I wish to sell. price negotiable.

Mon May 01 2006
jl.sainjust at
graziella moto

Je viens d'acheter une graziella à remettre en état.
Savez-vous où je peux trouver des pièces détachées.
Il me faut un carburateur et les caches lateraux en plastique qui couvrent le moteur.
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
Jean-Luc Sainjust.

Translation: Hello, I have just bought a graziella to restore. Do you know where I can find spare parts. I need a carburetor and the masks lateraux in plastic that cover the motor. Thank-you in advance for your response.

Mon Feb 20 2006
nick-devonport at hotmail dot com
Moto Graziella
Hi, another humble moped fan in search of a head lamp and cover with speedo for my 1972 Moto Graziella! Any ideas, anyone? Thanks, Nick d.
Dover, UK

Here we are, the Moto Graziella Tipo Cheeky Boy. I kid you not! You can see what I mean about the head light - that reversing light is probably from the same era but it has to go!

Any help much appreciated.

Nick D.

Feb 23 2006
I found a photo of a Moto Graziella with the correct head light if this helps! It's a bit cluttered but the bike is in use as a clothes horse at the moment! It's for sale at around £400 if it appeals to anyone and is in superb condition. Just wish it was mine!


Nick D.

Sun Sep 11 2005
KKtuarosa at
Deseo saber donde conseguir repuestos o contactarme con un representante de la firma en Argentina de MotoGraziella de T. Carnielli

Tue Sep 06 2005
mtrvr9 at aol dot com
Hi there I have a motograziella fold up motor bike and was wondering if anyone knows where to get parts for this bike and also how much something like this is worth please contact me on mtrvr9 at aol dot com many thanks
p.s mine does not have peddles! Is this a later or earlier model? Please help!!!!!!

January 16, 2003
Hi folks!
I have an old MOTO GRAZIELLA (green) that I get from my father on my 10th birthday, in 1974 and now I am trying to restore it.... Do you know anything about this mopped? Or do you know where I can find some information about it?? Do you know WHO manufactured it? Or know where I can find parts? I will appreciate ANY help!! -- Thankx! -- A. Tarikian -- azad at (From Brazil)

October 20, 2002
Dear Friend,
I need informations about Moto Graziella, because y have one, and y need were to get a complete list of parts (exemple, paltic's parts). Please send any valid information.
Thanks From Portugal
Ricardo Figueiredo -- ric.figueiredo at

September 24, 2002
I am from Melbourne Australia. When I was in Italy back in 1973 I purchased a Motograziella (green) and shipped it back to Austrlia with me. I was 13 years of age then and now I am 43. The motorbike has been in storage for about 20 years and now I want to clean it up and get it running again for my daughter. It is in very good condition, but does need some spare parts. Are you able to tell me where I can purchase the spare parts. -- Many thanks  -- Dario Bearzatto -- adcab at bigpond dot com

August 6, 2002
Dear friend we are from Portugal. we need to know inform about Graziella moto sachs 502/1 AX , because y have on and where to get a complete list of parts. please send any valid inform about this matter. thanks from Portugal --  Ricardo Figueiredo -- ric.figueiredo at

April 12, 2001
Hi there.
My name is Gerald Schröder and I come from Dortmund in Germany. I have got a 1968 Moto Graziella. My mother bought it in Italy when she was 15 years old. I sent a photo of it (It nearly looks like mine). Interested in information? Write back. Gerald -- Keuler7 at

Graziella Minibike 1968.jpg
Graziella Minibike 1968

April 27, 2000
Parabéns pelo site.
Meu nome é Antonio Albernaz de São Paulo , Brasil
Estou procurando informações para recuperar um scooter GRAZIELLA que acredito ser da década de 60 ou 70.
Dicas de sites ou cópias de manual seriam extremamente bem vindos
meu email = albernaz at email dot com ou albernaz at

From Sheldon: My best translation from Portuguese:
April 27, 2000
Congratulations for the site.
My name is Antonio Albernaz of São Paulo, Brazil. I am looking information to restore GRAZIELLA motorcycle that I believe to be from 60's or 70's. Names of sites or manual copies would be much appreciated.
e-mail = albernaz at email dot com or albernaz at

Thu May 05 2005
aureas78 at hotmail dot com
non si producono piu´le moto graziella.possono trovarsi solo usate?

Translation: they do not produce piu.le motion graziella.possono to find itself single used?

March 28, 2001
Hi Folks!
I enjoyed your page and found out, that you might need some information.
But I am also looking for information about Belgian motorcycles and mopeds, esp. FLANDRIA and SUPERIA. So if you have any, let me know...

The promised information concerns CARNIELLI / ITALY:

In 1967 the Italian brand CARNIELLI introduced a completely new folding 50ccm motorcycle named MOTOGRAZIELLA. They made use of the German SACHS 502 engine in at least 2 different versions, so they could offer a version with a top speed of 25 and another with 40 km/h. Surprising was the use of only 8 inch small tyres and the very short length of only 1,1 m. To build such a small vehicle, they used a quite unique way of steering.

Three different colors are knows: Blue, green and red are the body colors (the plastic body parts are molded in these colors), the metal frame is always white.

Soon after the MOTOGRAZIELLA was introduced, CARNIELLI offered another version, which had rear spring suspension.

The production must have ceased in 1979, since SACHS discontinued the 502 engine.

Technical Data (of the German versions)




Top speed

fuel consumption

Mofa 25

Sachs 502/1B Ausf. C

1.4 (at 3750 rpm)

25 km/h

ca. 1,4 litres/100 km

Moped 40

Sachs 502/1AX

1,8 (at 4500 rpm)

40 km/h

ca. 1,6 litres/100 km

I try to add two scans taken from a German advertisement of the MOTOGRAZIELLA mopeds. They were imported from about 1968 to 1979 to Germany by GOLD-RAD (a German factory to bicycles; they used to build 50ccm mopeds in the 50´s I guess, too) of Cologne.

I hope you can make some use of this, please let me know. -- wiesenberg at

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