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Manufactured 1955-1968

The small company produced 49cc mopeds using two-stroke engines from Rex, Sachs and possibly MAV, and also light motorcycles with FB Minarelli engines.

In the 1960s they built scooters with using both tubular and pressed-metal chassis.

According to bicycle site, the company was "founded in 1896 in Torino by Emmo Ghelfi and still run by him in 1946. The brand was later acquired by Emilio Bozzi and co-produced in Milan with his Legnano and Woolsit brands."

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ricardo at
Frejus 75cc 1962
Hi. Iam from Chile and i am working in this proyect but, i have no informatios of this machine. Can you help me with fotos, information, manuals, any thing that can help me to work beter?.
I apreciate your help. Regards
ricardo tebbs

Please supply frame and engine numbers, with clear photos if possible.
patricioibacetaahumada at
Tengo una moto frejus año 50. Sin motor. Que quiero restaurar. Donde puedo conseguir el motor?
I have a 50 year frejus motorcycle. Without engine. I want to restore. Where can I get the engine?
Patricio ibaceta
San Esteban, Valparaíso, Chile

You will need to ascertain which model you have, and then work out which engine was originally fitted. Ed.

Mon Jan 17 2011
cba.2112<at>hotmail dot com
Hola, tengo una moto frejus, pero no se nada de ella, no se que modelo ni que año,queria solicitar a alguien fotos de estas motos,para reconocer la mia,gracias

Tue Dec 21 2010
marc.tapia<at>gmail dot com
1952 al 1957
frejus 75 cc
Hola Necesito datos para una motocicleta frejus, ojala algun manual del motor. Gracias.

August 5, 2002
Tengo una moto FREJUS de 50cc año 1961,al parecer modelo sport, tiene un estanque de gazolina muy cuadrado,al parecer no es original es como si fuera de carrera (race). Agradeceria cualquier informacion sobre esta pequeña moto ya que desearia restaurarla.
Mi nombre es Eduardo Ferreiro y vivo en Santiago de Chile -- eduardoferreiro at
Un saludo y muchas gracias.

I am a FREJUS Italian Motorcycle owner, of 50cc, two stroke, 1961 year.  I need information for reconstruction.
Thanks. I wait for your answer .

My name is Eduardo Ferreiro, Live in Santiago Chile. And my English is very bad. -- eduardoferreiro at

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