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Vi-Vi Mopeds by Viberti

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1956-1968

Address: 25026 Pontevico (BS). (1968)

Viberti built the Vi-Vi moped using engines from Victoria of Germany, with which company they had an agreement. Later models had Minarelli engines.

Having experience with building commercial vehicles prior to 1956, they commenced motorcycle production of the 50cc Vivi moped offered at a very competitive price. It was displayed at the Milan motorcycle show and launched shortly afterwards with an extensive advertising campaign, offering hire purchase. Despite this, sales were not as hoped.

The Vivi had a pressed metal frame with front and rear suspension. Models included Turismo and Sport, and there was also a Vivi scooter with metal bodywork, available with a motocarrozzino (sidecar).

The engine was an M51 Victoria two-stroke with a two-speed gearbox, which propelled the Vivi to speeds as high as 55 km/h, depending on the model. The Vi-Vi came in several variations but they were not a commercial success. They were marketed in the UK as the DOT Vi-Vi.

NB: Pietra Aspesi was a Viberti dealer in Gallarate. His daughter Maria was co-founder of Aspes.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Classic 50cc Racing Club UK, Henshaw, et al.

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1968 Vivi
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