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Augusta 1925 OHC

The new 4-stroke motor bicycle with overhead distribution control, which marked the MAXIMUM SUCCESS ever to have smiled on any motorcycle at the recent MILANESE EXHIBITION PROMISES that the accumulation of its perfections which aroused the incredulity of visitors it will be scrupulously maintained and passed throughout the series production - Ditta BLATTO & NIRI Umberto, 92 TORINO

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Blatto & Niri, Corso Re Umberto, 92, Torino (1925)
From 1926, Bologna, Via Audinot 101, later Via Reno 18 (from 1931) e Vicolo Tanari 7 (offcina), Bologna

Manufactured from 1924 to 1931, these were quite fast overhead cam singles. They included a 348cc machine and smaller engines designed by Angelo Blatto. Initially located in Turin, they moved to Bologna in 1926 and the company was renamed FIAB (Fabbrica Italiana Augusta Bologna). The range was extended to include 125cc and 175cc models, including a sidevalve.

When the company closed in 1931, Angelo Blatto formed a new concern, OMB, in Turin.

Augusta Sport 1926

    Engine: vertical single-cylinder 4-stroke, with distribution overhead valve actuated by the disk-like cams. Bore 52, stroke 58.3. Displacement cc 123.7
    Ignition: Bosch magnet
    Carburettor: Gurtner (original version: BB 2 C)
    Lubrication: with mechanical pump Vittoria (original: Best & Lloyd)
    Primary: transmission: gears
    Gearbox: 2-speed
    Transmission: chain
    Chassis: tubular cradle frame
    Wheels: tyres 26x2"
    Maximum speed: 65-70 km/h

When the two-stroke system was adopted on the vast majority of small engines it required considerable courage to think differently. The Augusta chose not only to use four-stroke engines, but also applied the face-cam system resulting in an excellent performer which gave good results in competition. With finance in very short supply, the firm ceased work on the project.

An example of this model is displayed at the Musei Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna

Sources: Tragatsch p80,, Musei Patrimonio Industriale

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