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Lady Motorcycles

Made in Belgium 1924 to 1940

A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Antwerp between 1924 and 1940, these robust machines initially used two-stroke engines from Villiers, and from 1927 also used a variety of four-strokes from MAG, JAP, Blackburne and AJS.

Lambert van Ouwerkerk established his motorcycle firm in Sint Mariaburg, near Antwerp, in 1924. Production machines used engines from Villiers, JAP and Rudge.

Three models of the Lady were displayed at the Brussels Salon - 150, 175 and 250cc, all with Villiers engines mounted in welded triangular frames which incorporated the fuel tank as a component. Later models used brazed frame lugs but retained the characteristic integral tank.

Van Ouwerkerk began campaigning in various sports events in 1925, and won the 175 class at the Coupe Flamand that year, and excellent results were also attained in grass track and dirt track races.

For 1926 they introduced two 350cc Villiers models, the Tourism and the Grand Sport, each with saddle tank and chain drive, considered very progressive for the day.

The following year JAP 350 and 500 models joined the lineup, along with a twin-port TT model for 1928. Track results for '28 included wins at the Coupe Flamand, Coupe van Wayenberg and the International Six Days.

In 1929 Lady absorbed the PA concern, and whilst financial results were quite good sales were restricted to Belgium for the most part. That year Lady revealed a dirt-track model with a 350cc KK JAP engine, which proved a real winner.

The Lady adopted quite advanced suspension in 1930, with two new "Comfort" models fitted with a swinging arm and dual coil springs mounted below the saddle.

In response to the global financial situation Lady released an inexpensive lightweight powered by a 200cc Villiers engine, the Ladylette.

Throughout the 1930s Lady remained committed to a quality product and in 1932 a four-valve 500cc Rudge Python model was introduced, followed in 1934 by AJS/Matchless OHV and SV machines.

Lady did very well in the 250cc class during that period, winning the Belgian championship for three consecutive years.

In 1936 Van Ouwerkerk retired from his position and was replaced as head of design by Lucas van Steenbergen.

Sporting success notwithstanding, the firm's financial situation during those hard years did not improve, due to both the the high quality of their product and the wide range of models on offer.

At the 1938 Brussels Salon they presented six models including one with the new high-cam JAP, a very attractive engine. There was also a commercial machine powered by JLO.

By 1940 they were on the ropes, and filed for bankruptcy.

Source: bevemo.nl via web.archive.org

Le Salon Belge

Lady fabrique 7 types de machines ; monte le Jap. Cadre spécial, un seul type supé rieur plongeant directement de la téte de fourche vers I •arri&re sous le ré servoir. Fourche å ressort compresseur avec amortis- seurs puissants 90 millimötres. Très remarquée, one Lady Jap 350 cmc. absolument irréprochable.

Lady manufactures 7 kinds of machines, mounting the Jap. Special frame, only one top type plunging directly from the fork yoke backwards under the tank. Fork compressor spring with powerful damping, 90 millimeters. Much admired, one Lady Jap 350cc is absolutely faultless.

Le Salon Belge, Moto Revue December 24th 1927

plejeune01 at gmail.com
Hello, I have restored a Villiers engine motorcycle made in Belgium. Probably a 'Lady' built in Antwerp around 1927.
There is a number in front of the cylinder: Either B (or 8) 3833. I believe it is a 125cc engine but I'm not sure. Can you help me with any details?
Many thanks,
Philippe Le Jeune, Belgium

Please send photo of number stamped into aluminium crankcase.

Sat Sep 21 2013
Belgian motorcycle
Lady Engliss
My father said he owned a Lady Engliss 350cc in the early 1960's and I was wondering if anyone has any info.

Wed Jun 03 2009
dlasky at elascoguards dot com
LADY not certain
I'm looking for whatever information that you've accumulated on this brand.

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