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PA Motorcycles (Praillet & Antoine)

Jules Praillet & Gustav Antoine ran a Triumph dealership in Liège where they began building their own machines in 1920 under the PA brand. They produced a variety of motorcycles powered by Blackburne engines of 174cc to 347cc, and later built their own 175 two-strokes along with 250 and 350cc four-strokes. The range was extended with larger capacity Blackburne four-strokes including a V-twin.

Production ended in 1925 and the firm reverted to selling Triumphs. They sold the PA manufacturing business to Dieudonné Hanlet in Herstal, a sidecar builder. This firm continued with the Blackburne-powered PA, and also built "Perfect" sidecars and "Flostroy Motorette" vehicles for the disabled. In 1926 the firm began producing their own 174cc two-strokes and a 341cc OHV sports engine. Universal of Switzerland bought the two-stroke engines in 1928.

That year the PA marque changed hands again, purchased by H. Caubergs and F. de Keersmaeker in Antwerp who produced Supersports PA models in 350 and 500cc versions using JAP, Blackburne and MAG engines. Production of the PA engines ceased.

In 1930 the PA brand was acquired by Lady who continued building a number of the PA models under their own brand name.

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Irma de Maere on a P.A. (Praillet & Antoine) 350cc, 1st September 1929

Later that day Irma crashed during the Grand Prix de Bruxelles held at Parc de Laeken. It was the the first fatal accident of a female motorcycle racer on record.

This is the only known photograph of Irma on a motorcycle.

Born 4 Jul 1901
Died 1 Sep 1929 (aged 28).
She is buried in Antwerp.

A sad example of synchronicity, perhaps.

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