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Bitri Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1955-1964 by N.V. Dokkum using JLO and Rotax engines

Their first product was a small car powered by a pair of TWN (Triumph Germany) engines, hence the name BiTri. It was not a success, and the partners turned to scooter production. Their factory in Dokkum built most of the components in their workshops and produced several thousand scooters. They were the only Dutch scooter manufacturer.

Hans Kambier has kindly supplied a JLO MG 125VF and MG 150V engine parts manual, available on request.

Considerably more information here: Bitri Scooters Archive

cvanwijk at texel.com
41-0619 A
Bitri ILO 150, motor nr. 908305, frame nr. 41-0619 A, d.d. 29-04-1957

Fri, 17 Nov 2017
kyle.salter at yahoo.com
bitri 1957 150

hey just found a 1957 birti 150cc serial number. i have lots of pics if you need also. the model and serial are 41-0617a motor 908810. www.kylesscootershop.com
dallas tx USA

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Wed, 13 Sep 2017
hkambier at zeelandnet.nl
BITRI 150 cc 1957

I like to get in contact with other BITRI owners in the Netherlands

How can I fill in the right data of my BITRI scooter in to the BITRI register?
Hans Kambier
Vlissingen Netherlands

  • Send what you have and I'll add it to the register.
The BITRI has been a “sticker” in the shop for many years. Build in1957 and game on the road for the first time in 1973.

I am the third owner since 1992

Bouwjaar BITRI 1957 frame nr.41-0324A
Bouwjaar JLO MG 150 V 1955 moternr. 858 536 cilinderinhoud 147cc
ATLG (?) BTR. Nr. T-060
RS/N 67/5000

Regard Hans Kambier

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