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Gedo-Victoria Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

The brothers Peter and Age Geertsma inherited the Gedo bicycle wholesale company from their father. The firm F. Geertsma B.V. of Dokkum had opened a shop and wholesale business in 1937, and later built bicycles with auxiliary engines branded Gedo-Victoria in 1949 or earlier. In 1953 they began producing mopeds using a different model Victoria engine fitted to their own frames, but in 1956 they changed to an Italian-made frame, the same one used by Germaan.

Moped production ceased the following year or possibly early in 1958.

Gedo produced the prototype Bitri scooter in collaboration with the founders of that firm, also of Dokkum. This first scooter was branded Gedo-Victoria, and it is believed only the one was built and exists in a private collection (2010).

Sources: Bitri.nl

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