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Norman Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Ashford, Kent 1937 - 1961

The Norman brothers started out with bicycles in 1921, and in 1937 (or 38) began building 98cc Villiers powered autocycles (the Norman Motobyk) and later took over the Rudge 98cc Autocycle. They also built motorcycles powered by Villiers engines of 125cc to 247cc. Normans were rebadged as Rambler in some countries. Early postwar machines used British Anzani 250cc engines, but they soon reverted to Villiers. During the 1950s they produced trials machines, fielding eight of these in the 1954 Scottish Six Day event.

Norman bought the German Achilles tooling in about 1957. Both Villiers and Sachs engines were used in their Nippy mopeds of 1957.

In 1961 Charles and Fred Norman retired and sold Norman to the Raleigh group which produced machines for another year, in Nottingham, before ceasing production.

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nigeltullis at
Norman Nippy 1958/9 MK 1V
Did these bikes have frame/chassis numbers?
Where will I find the chassis number on this bike? I've looked in the usual places! Can anybody help please.
Nigel Tullis
United Kingdom

Yes, they would have had chassis numbers. This page may help: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers
barry_john_sharrock at
Norman B2S 1961
Hi can anyone confirm if the attached speedometer is off the above model 2.5 inch red numbers and pointer SN 3153/28 on dial.
Barry Sharrock

davewright123 at
norman b3 sports twin
been looking for one of these bikes for a long time was the first bike I ever had on the road can anyone help me locate one
dave wright
fareham hampshire uk

Wed Dec 09 2015
embryoconcept at
1940's Norman Motorcycle Value
Norman Norman
I am interested in finding out the value of this motorcycle. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Port Jefferson, NY

Photo of unrestored Norman supplied.

Fri Jul 25 2014
cgazzola1978 at
Info on frame number
Norman not known
I am about to buy this old Norman that I want to restore. I do not know the model but I have a frame number. Anybody can help me?

Frame n° B21435

Sat May 10 2014
day-dennis sky.con
petrol/oil mix ratio
norman nippy sachs 49cc
I need to know the petrol/oil mix ratio for a 1956 norman nippy

Wed Apr 09 2014
gemerson7 at
Visit to Ashford
Norman Nippy
I am coming to Ashford 10-4 to 12-4-14 and my first bike was a nippy. Is the factory still standing as I would love to visit. Is there a museum at the windmill?
Many thanks, Gary

Sat Jun 15 2013
frame number
norman nippy
could you tell me where to find frame number on 1959 mark 4nippy?

Wed Nov 28 2012
Frame Number
Norman B2
Could you please let me know where the frame number is located on this model.

Tue Oct 18 2011
norman 1953 98cc manual
norman 98cc
hi i need a manual 4 a 1953 norman 98cc if you can help please QLD AUSTRALIA

Fri Mar 20 2009
coassoloroberto at hotmaildot com
norman 122 cc (villers) 1947
Necesitaria el logo

Wed Apr 02 2008
kentonwrightphotos at
Please Help
Norman D
Hi, I have a Villiers powerd Norman D but am having trouble finding info on it, can you help? cheers
New Zealand

Tue Feb 12 2008
lucyrabbit1 at
norman of england cyclemate
norman motorcycle cyclemate 1930/1940
1930/1940s model, could you give valuation please
stoke on trent, staffordshire

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sun Nov 18 2007
marshallpowell at bigponddot com
Selling Norman Nippy Autocycle
1954 Norman Nippy Autocycle
My father has a blue bike in working order, very little rust he wishes to sell but has no idea where to start. Pictures can be provided if required. really looking for help in the value of this bike
Adelaide Australia

Sat May 12 2007
kengiles-uk at
Moped 1950's
cyclemate "norman2
My father has just died and in clearing out his garage I have come across the above. It has been hanging from the beams and is there is a quite a bit of superficial rust. Is it worth restoring and is there a market for it.

Kind regards
Ken Giles

Try this page for motorcycle valuations. Ed.

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