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NUT 1922 Models


NUT 1922 5.6 h.p. V-Twin

An electrically equipped model of symmetrical and compact appearance - the 5.6 h.p. N.U.T.


NUT 1922 Exhaust Baffles

Bayonet caps, detachable for speed events, on the end of the exhaust pipes of the N.U.T. sports model.

The Olympia Show Report


3½ h.p. Model.- 64.5x76 mm. (498 cc.); V twin-cyl. four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication; Amac carb.; Lucas chain-driven mag. : Sturmey-Arclier 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter: chain-cum-belt drive; 26x2½ in. tyres. Prices: Solo £100, chain drive £llO.

Hugh Mason and Co., Ltd., Derwenthaugh, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Very little alteration has been found necessary in the 3½ h.p. J.A.P.-engined N.U.T., which was designed essentially as a smooth-running speedy solo mount : all-chain drive, however, is now offered as an alternative to the original chain and belt layout. A small item of the specification is the leading of the crank case relief valve outlet from the timing gear to the primary chain case, thus keeping the engine cleaner, and at the same time lubricating the chain. Generally, the policy of the designer is to clean up details and to aim at standardising nut and bolt sizes, etc. A well thought out toolkit has been got together, and an oil (can?) is carried in the handle-bar stem, while a squirt is fitted in the petrol-filler cap.

A sports model is also staged, having the latest type of J.A.P. engine, with improved cylinders and "fir-cone" valve caps. This model is of the stripped variety, with no carrier, narrow guards, and long exhaust pipes, the latter having bayonet fitting end caps for ordinary riding. The driving and magneto chains are guarded on the top runs only; this machine costs £125 in the all-chain model with close ratio gear box and no kick-starter.

Another machine following exactly the same specification, but having a 70x88 mm. (678 c.c.) twin J.A.P. engine, is staged with a light sidecar; this model is an admirable double-purpose mount, and follows the usual graceful outlines and pleasing finish of its forerunners.

The MotorCycle, December 1st 1921


NUT 1922 498cc TT Model

A speedy looking mount, the T.T. model 3½ h.p. N.U.T.

A New Sports N.U.T.

All-chain Drive as an Alternative to Chain and Belt Offered for Next Year.

THREE main models will form the N.U.T. range for 1922, all of which are V twins, two of them being of 3½ h.p. and the other of 5 h.p. Beginning with the lowest-priced machine this is ofiered with chain-cum-belt transmission for £110 and all-chain drive £120. The engine is a side valve V twin 64.5x76 mm. (496 c.c), which has a ball-bearing on the driving side of the main shaft. Druid forks, three-speed Sturmey-Archer gear, Brooks B170 saddle, and 26x2½ in. tyres form the main items of its equipment. This machine is also offered fitted with Lucas Magdyno lighting set and electric horn for £135 chain-cum-belt, and £145 all-chain drive.

A new sports model has been introduced, which embodies a specially-designed side valve V twin of the same dimensions as the touring model, but having aluminium pistons, roller bearing connecting rods, and large interchangeable valves.

A T.T. three-speed Sturmey gear with gear ratios of 4.5, 5.8, and 7.3 to 1, and T.T. regulation mudguards are included in the specification, but no carrier is fitted, and as is now usual on sports models, a kick-starter is dispensed with. The price is £120 chain-cum-belt, and £130 chain drive, and the weight 250 lb.

The 5 h.p. model is an enlarged "3½," the engine being 70x88 mm. bore and stroke (678 c.c). Alternative gear ratios are offered, one 4.5, 7.3, and 12 to 1, apd the other 5.1, 8.3, and 13.6 to 1. As on the other models, Druid forks and 26x2½ in. tyres are fitted, and again the option is given of chain-cum-belt or all-chain transmission, the respective prices being £110 and £120.

The MotorCycle

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