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Phoenix 1906 Cob

Detailed Specification of Phoenix "Cob" Motor Bicycle.

(Protected by Registrations and Patents).

ENGINE Phœnix Minerva, 2 h.p. or 2 ½ h.p., specially made for us by Minerva Motors, Limited.

VALVES. Inlet and exhaust, mechanically operated. (Exhaust valves made of a special heat-resisting metal.)

CARBURETTER. Louguemare.

IGNITION Bassec Michel Coil and two accumulators with two-way switch or Simms-Bosch high tension arc magneto.

SILENCER. Large special Phœnix

LUBRICATOR. Phœnix Transparent, with two-way cock. Placed on tank Convenient to rider.

TRANSMISSION. Chain driven, by Hans Renold's motor chain, through countershaft. Separate adjustment to each chain.

TWO-SPEED GEAR. Containing clutch and free engine enabling hand starting.


OIL CAPACITY. 300 miles.

EXHAUST VALVE LIFTER Phœnix, combined with spring current interrupter switch, enabling full control and any graduation of pace.

FRAME of strong Design, as illustrated, with best weldless steel tubing stout lugs. Girder forks with slots (not holes) on front wheel spindle.

WHEELS. 26 in. by 2 in.

MUDGUARDS wide, strongly stayed with large mudflap to front


TYRES. 26 in by 2 in Peter's Union (any other tyre to order).

SEAT. Specially designed " Pan " seat on cast aluminium plate, upholstered real leather (dark green), and mounted on flexible coil springs.

BRAKES Specially designed Phoenix hand applied on front rim, and 8 in band brake, foot applied to back wheel.

FINISH, Frame, black enamelled. Tanks dark "Napier" green with thin white lines, complete with bag, Spanners, Oil Cans, Screwdriver and Clips

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