Phœnix Motors of Southport

17 Ivy St., St Lukes, Southport, and 13 Hartwood Road, Southport

Also known as Hudlass Motor Works.

1894 Elijah Hudlass and his son Felix started Phoenix Works as photographic engineers. Soon afterwards Felix began experimenting with motor car engines.

1895 Felix built his first car, claimed to be the first practical car in Lancashire. He sold the photographic side of the business to concentrate on motor engineering.

1900 Produced an automobile with the appearance of an open carriage which seated two.

After the death of his father, in 1902 Felix William Hudlass sold the motor business to W. H. Barrett and C. C. Cardell based at Oakfield Road, Altrincham.

The new owners named the business Phoenix Motor Co and from 1904 to 1906 they built automobiles

1910 Advertising the Barcar range of petrol and paraffin engines rated 3 to 24 hp and primarily for the marine market.

1912 Description of Barcar engine applied by Harvey & Co to the propulsion of canal barges.

Meanwhile, Felix Hudlass remained in the motor trade, becoming works manager of Weller Brothers of West Norwood who produced motorcycles and motor cars, after which he worked with automobile clubs, receiving an OBE for his work in 1918. In 1919 he took out a patent on a scooter, and in 1920 he produced the Hudlass Scooter.

Felix worked with the RAC in the position of Chief Engineer until 1947 when he retired. He was succeeded in the position by his son, Maurice Hudlass.

Felix Hudlass died in 1965 in Kingston, Surrey.

There were a number of other firms which used the Phoenix Brand

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